Sunday, October 17, 2010

Blogtoberfest 2010 - 17th

Today was a pretty awesome day.

The boys had their swimming lesson this morning and then I headed off to knitting in the Botanical Gardens while Jules took the boys home for the rest of the day :-)

I sat, knit, drank tea, chatted and generally had a great time while churning through the remainder of the second clue on my second Mystery sock (Ravelry link has photo of where I am up to) and then did the third clue (or heel) on both.

At one point there were 12 of us sitting knitting and chatting.

After that I finished the leg portion on the second of Di's Monkeys and am now up to the heel. The colour graduation is similar to the first sock but not quite the same. Slightly darker at the top of the second one. will be interesting to see how the heel goes.

So I now have the rest of this week to work on Di's socks before my next clue is released on Friday, good news for Di!


2paw said...

I am up to the second heel flap on the Mystery socks and I am really enjoying them. Thanks!! Your red socks are looking great too!! It is always nice knitting with friends.

blessed speedy said...

Yay for me - and the socks are looking great. I too have taken the plunge and cast on my first pair!

Anonymous said...

That does indeed sound awesome. The Mystery socks are looking great, and I REALLY need to get me some of that Kauni yarn - just gorgeous!

dillpickle said...

I'm loving that red yarn! It looks similar in colour to my mystery sock yarn, but with (way) bigger colour blocks. Nice!

I'm currently doing my first heel flap, but at least I'd started it before the foot clue came out! It sounds like you're speeding along nicely :-)