Saturday, October 16, 2010

Blogtoberfest 2010 - 16th Notes to my children #2

Notes to my children #2 - Human

I am only human.

If I have been woken or been kept awake between midnight and 3 am* by:
- children climbing in and out of my bed
- cold feet on my warm legs
- whisperings in my ear for hours at a time
- being pushed and shoved out of the way in my own bed
- singing in the middle of the night
- having to climb out of bed to put invading children back into their own beds

I am not going to be my usual chipper self in the morning.

If you do not do what you are asked to do on those mornings, I am in all likelihood going to yell at you.

Sleep deprivation is a tool of torture.

I am only human.

Love Mum.

*Apparently sleeping midnight to 3 am is essential for my continued coping with the world. 3.01 am and I'm all yours! In comparison Jules needs 3 am till 6 am. We worked this out when I was still breastfeeding Tyler. It has been a wonderful piece of knowledge for us to use in maintaining our sanity (mostly) in the past 3 years, we only regret we didn't work it out sooner.


Sue said...

Totally agree with you. Our 9 yr old still pops into our bed waking me up and then I am rather grumpy the next day!

Lynne said...

Wow! It's amazing that a) you figured that out, and b) you have different sleep needs. How useful and wonderful!
I wish I could say I had that worked out but I don't! Being empty nesters, it doesn't matter so much anymore!