Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Blogtoberfest 2010 - 12th

I've really got to get onto this earlier in the day :-)

Today I've been fairly busy as it is Tuesday. Knitting in the morning and we welcomed back two regulars who have been absent for a while. It was lovely to catch up with them again and finally deliver a birth present.

Baby D is now 4 months and 2 days old and is a great big boy. The hat looked lovely on him (not that he'll need to wear it much for the rest of this year) and should last him until he's at least 3.

Home for lunch then off to kinder for Zac. Tyler kept me awake this arvo by playing "hide the coin" a lovely game where he "hides" gold treasure coins (fake plastic ones) and I get to find them. As a 3 year old his idea of hiding is quite often of the "plain sight" version. You know the sort - oh there's a truck and it has a gold coin on it's roof, oh and another in the scoop, oh and another underneath it. We started with 10 and have 8 remaining after several rounds of the game. Not quite sure what happened to the other 2, they may turn up or they may not. One of his "hiding places" was on top of the lid of the swing top rubbish bin! I got to do some knitting on my Mystery Sock while he was doing his hiding, it kept me awake as well. I had to do some frogging as I dropped one stitch down 5 rows and neither the light or the combination of yarn overs and ssk's were forgiving at all. Maybe if I wasn't so exhausted I could have managed but today it was just easier to pull back the rows and reknit them.

School pick up and kinder pick up was followed by a tennis lesson for Hunter and then a trip across town to my sister's place in Brunswick. The boys got to play with their little cousin who was displaying some of her new found skill of crawling. Childproofing is starting to happen :-)

Dinner and an episode of White Collar and then we're home again.

Heading off to bed now with the vain hope that I will not have any invasions. Today was a challenging day for staying awake and I would like to get a few things done tomorrow.

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Sue said...

What a cute little hat! The game reminds me of ones my daughter used to do and isnt it funny and sweet how they hide them in plain view!