Saturday, September 11, 2010

WIP Status update

At the moment I have a pretty good list of WIP's that I'm trying to convert into FO's. Three of them are getting some serious attention. Two projects from this year and one from last year.

The current car/swimming/tennis project is Jules' socks. They have gone full steam ahead because I attended three evenings of a "parenting" type course at Kinder and knit solidly on them for about 2 hours each of the nights so I've just finished the heel on the second sock and need to do the short row shaping and then the foot and toe. These will probably be done in the next week or maybe two.

The current SnB project is my rainbow socks or "Shelves of pride" socks, these ones occasionally come out at home as well depending on my mood. First sock finished, up to foot of second sock. These are travelling along nicely and will probably be done in the next two weeks as well.

The other project getting some serious attention is my shawl/shrug. When I finished the Teacup pinafore which was a "big" project I went WIP searching for the replacement "big" project. This one satisfies the criteria because despite being knit in 2 ply (laceweight) on 4mm needles it is quite literally "yo, p2tog" so it has to be watched...constantly.....and in my house that counts as a "big" project. I also realised this morning when re-reading the pattern that I have one more repeat of 12 rows on 215 stitches to do than I thought so it's going to take a bit longer.

Have started and finished a little hat for an order in between all this and will be doing another little hat for the same Mum when she gets back to me about head size for child number 2.

As alluded to before, I have had my reservations about the tricot scarf I was making and I have now made the decision that the Noro tricot scarf will be frogged and at some stage it will come back in the form of a blanket maybe, on big needles though so it is loose and stretchy.

Heaps of knitting on the go and an order to get to in the next week. Hmm, that may mean the socks slow down for a week, oh well it's still plenty cold enough here to wear them for a while I think :-)

Hope that all your craft is coming along nicely and that the weather continues to improve. I'm over Winter and can't wait for real Spring to arrive.


2paw said...

You have set yourself some great knitting goals. I do hate something that I have to 'watch' all the item. I rarely knit without doing something else: I read or watch TV or listen to the radio or chat with friends- even talk on the phone.
I am glad you have decided what to do with the scarf you are unravelling too, sounds like a plan!!

Jen said...

heee! saw your twigs and leaves on the TC email :) looks fantastic! will you be at the botanic gardens next sunday?

Lynne S of Oz said...

I am so behind! I also saw you in the Twist Collective email :-)

Kate said...

You are a busy girl! Keep at it - I'm going to celebrate the completion of at least two long-term projects before work starts on Monday - feels good!