Saturday, September 25, 2010

Upcoming stuff

There's a few things happening next month, blog and Rav land type stuff as well as real life stuff.

*Starting October 1st is the beginning of Blogtoberfest 2010 hosted by Tinniegirl. A month of posting something every day. It's a challenge but do-able. This will be my third year of participating. Sign ups at Tiniegirl's blog on September 30th. This year I'll have at least one giveaway, I've got some stuff that I was given as bonus type things and I'll never use them so I'll be offering them to whomever wants them.

*The beginning of Kirsten's Through the Loops Mystery Sock knit-a-long for 2010. Last year we ended up with an awesome pair of socks, can't wait for this years pattern. There's one clue a week for each of the 5 weeks: cuff, leg, heel, foot, toe. This year I'll be using two circulars and knitting one sock on each one at the same time so by the end of the month I will have a complete pair. Think I know which yarn I'll use, but you know a wander through the stash is always fun, so I might change my mind!

*Three Birthdays will be celebrated. Tyler's party is a couple of days after his Birthday, mine and then late in the month it will be Jules' turn and then its the end of the Birthday run and we will all be a year older.

*Term 4 starts and the kids will be back at school and kinder. Swimming lessons will start again and so will tennis lessons. All the madness of our regular lives.

Until then we are sitting back, relaxing, enjoying the sun and the chance to play outside without rugging up.

Thanks for the ideas yesterday with the problem socks you had great ideas and if I was repairing a hole I'd definitely go with Kate's (Kiss My Frog) suggestion. Mainly because I'm not on a deadline though, I've gone with the rip them back and reknit them method and have already redone the heel and shaping and am back on the foot of the first one. What with being on school holidays and not having to drive hither and yon I'm getting a good amount of "sit and watch the kids" time so they won't take too long.


2paw said...

Thank you for the mystery sock link. I might just join in. The lure of a pair of socks in five weeks is hard to resist!!
I'm not doing Blogtober because I've almost finished SSS Blogtember!!
So many birthdays!! We have just started term three. 12 weeks till school finishes!!

Louise said...

Thanks for popping by my blog. I am going to join you in embarking on Blogtoberfest, and see how I go. It seems you are a regular!

Sue said...

I joined in with blogtoberfest last year and really enjoyed it. I have to say that the mystery sock knitalong sounds like fun.

Anonymous said...

it is my sad experience that ripping and reknitting is usually the only real fix. all my shortcuts tend to be strawberry ones! and all the best people were born in october :)