Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A success!

The shawl is done, yes that's right done!!!

I have also frogged the Noro tricot scarf and despite thinking it might turn into a blanket I came across an interesting skirt (not a Rav link!) which may be a better plan. Only problem is I'm short a couple of balls of Noro Silk Garden Colour 205 in Dyelot D. If I can't find the right dyelot I'll do another in the same colour as I will be knitting it 2 rows per ball anyway so colour changes between lots hopefully won't be too bad.

Will be back in a couple of days with details on the shawl and hopefully a photo or two for you.

Off to Tesselaars Tulip Farm with the kids tomorrow to meet up with the cousins and then have the cousins stay here overnight tomorrow night. Busy couple of days :-)

Oh and for those keeping track I am down to 5 WIP's overall and only 2 left from last year, with 3 months of the year remaining. There may be hope for reaching the target yet!


2paw said...

I love that skirt, I think you should definitely knit one!!! I also think you could get away with a different colourway of Noro.
Enjoy your family visit!!!

Liesl said...

Good luck with matching your Noro. (There's a place near me - I think its called "Wool Direct" - that seems to have a fair bit in stock, if you need to look farther afield.)

Enjoy the Tulip Farm - it should be a lot of fun!

Teresa said...

Well done! I do love the skirt. Would look terrific.

Anonymous said...

ooh i have that skirt queued on Rav too, love it.
Congrats on another WIP biting the dust!

Maybe check WEBS http://search.yarn.com/search?w=noro&x=0&y=0 for the Noro? if you haven't already, good luck!

Lynne S of Oz said...

Well done with the WIP whacking! I keep thinking I am getting closer but then I cast on something else... (my rav projects aren't quite representative of what is on the needles...)

Rose Red said...

I love that skirt pattern too!!

Emma said...

I reckon you could easily get away with a different dyelot if you're striping alternate balls.

Hope you had a good time at the tulip farm!