Saturday, October 23, 2010

Blogtoberfest 2010 - 23rd Notes to my children #3

Notes to my children #3 - Safety

Your safety is my utmost priority.

I will never knowingly compromise on your safety.

You do not have the knowledge to keep yourself safe, it is my job as your parent to teach you and to do it for you when you can't.

For cars:
You will be in the correct child restraint in our car for your height, weight and age until you are able to sit safely in a "normal" seating position in the car.

Even when all of your friends are in the "normal" belts in their car you will be in a child restraint in ours and if it is at all possible in theirs too.

Yes you can blame me for being an overprotective parent when it comes to belts in cars. I'll take it.

Yes I did get the odd look from other parents who think I'm a little insane for having my almost 7 year old in a five point harness fitted in a booster seat. Now I just get that look because when you turned 7 and weighed 26kg, I took away the booster seat and relented a little and you will now be in a "H"- harness until you turn 10 or weigh 32 kgs, whatever comes first. Sure this is only a 4-point harness, but normal cars aren't fitted with "anti-submarining" devices so it's the best I can do.

For other stuff:
I know I let you climb trees at roof level, hang from climbing frames upside down, and walk in front of swings and these are risky things, but I know you need a level of risk in your lives to feel like you are succeeding. None of these things rely on other people around you obeying the rules. They just rely on you. And while I will let you stretch your wings and it may seem like I am not paying attention at all. I am watching and assessing and I will be there in an instant when you crash to the ground.

Like when the branch you were standing on and bouncing on broke because the tree was dead and you had been warned not to walk out past a certain point on the branch. I assessed in an instant where your brothers were and whether I'd need to call the ambulance or whether the car was a reasonable option with the emergency room 5 minutes away. When you screamed as you hit the ground I breathed a sigh of relief because it was fairly clear you hadn't done anything too dramatic or there would have been a big gap before the scream as you inhaled or caught your breath because of the pain. I didn't approach you as I carefully watched you push the branch (that you had been holding before it broke) off of your body using both your hands equally. I didn't approach as you rolled over and climbed to your feet again using both limbs evenly and came screaming towards me for comfort. I was completely surprised when you were asked "What hurts?" as I gathered you into my arms and the answer was "My tongue". You had caught your tongue in 4 places but not badly enough to have gone all the way through. This was not the end of it either. I watched for the next 24 hours for signs of internal problems, tummy aches, problems in the toilet, various aches and pains. Nothing eventuated and I was very, very happy for that.

I can't save you from yourselves but I can at least reduce your risk from other people's mistakes.

So, while you are in my care you will indeed be wearing your child restraints until the very last possible moment. It's the least I can do for you.

Love Mum.

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2paw said...

Ok, that was a very scary post and I a glad everyone was OK. I always hated taking my class on excursions because I was so afraid one of them would be hurt.

Kate said...

I am so with you on the seatbelts!!! I insist that my 7yrold be in a booster seat, because she is too teeny even if the law says it's ok for her to sit without boosters or harnesses. Husband thinks I'm paranoid, daughter thinks I'm mean, I don't care!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yesterday, halfway to Bathurst, the 7yo decided he was "too big" for the booster-cushion, and slid it out from underneath him. He was deeply miffed when I pulled the car over and made him sit on it again before we continued. Legally, he can use the seat as is, but he's small for his age, so I say otherwise.

I'm longing for the day that Childsafe decrees the mandatory use of straight-jackets and ball-gags as child car restraints.

A woman can dream, can't she?

Lynne said...

It was a big day for DD and SIL when they turned the car seat from back facing capsule style to front facing booster seat. I agree, safety is paramount.