Monday, September 6, 2010

A birthday and a giveaway

We had a birthday party over the weekend. Every year the children get to pick a cake from the Australian Women's Weekly Kids Birthday cake book (ours has a newer cover than this one). Hunter has been wanting a version of this cake for the last three birthdays, ever since his little brother had it one year. So this year I had a way of making it look different but still be what he wanted it to be.

So here is the cake, with a couple of visual clues for those that need them:

and this is what is hidden underneath:

The first person who wasn't at the party to correctly identify how the treasure is unearthed will receive two balls of Patonyle 8ply in the green colourway. (Ok so I have searched and searched and not even Patons have a shade card for their 8 ply Patonyle! The only link I can find is a Rav one the colour is close to the top ball of yarn.) The closest green I can find on Wikipedia is Sacramento State Green, of course this is on my monitor so it may be different on yours, but you'll get the idea.

If no one guesses the actual answer, I will leave entries open until Friday 5pm Melbourne Australia time (EST, GMT + 10) and then the closest answer will get the loot!

ETA: We have a winner Congrats to Rose Red who will soon be receiving the yarn in the mail. He did indeed whack it with a Tennis racquet!


2paw said...

I can't have a prize because I know!!! I gave a friend this book for Christmas one year and she's made a version of the cake!!! I love it, it's fabulous!!! (See how I didn't give it away??!!)

bec said...

I wasn't at the party, but I do have the book- but I think you've combined 2 cakes? You didn't specify that you can't have seen the book (who doesn't have that book, by the way?). I haven't won anything for EVER, so this is my one big chance- the tennis ball looks like is white chocolate, probably set in a bowl, which when lifted off- ta da! Very clever, by the way. I made the whale last year.

Rose Red said...

I agree - white choc tennis ball. Whack it with something hard (maybe a tennis racquet??!!) to break it to reveal the treasure within!
(or yeah, just lift it off - but where's the fun in that!! heh heh!)