Tuesday, August 31, 2010


The usual goings on have been going on for the last few weeks.

We've had one child down with an exhausting cold followed by his dad with a similar thing and then another very sad child with both ears infected. We've had thumbs squashed in cupboard doors, branches breaking off trees with the bouncing child coming down with them, run ins (literally) with the washing line pole and various other crashes and bangs. None of these, nope not a single one, have ended in major injury. Sure the thumb is bruised (cupboard door), the tongue was bitten (tree breaking) and the forehead sported a huge black and blue egg for a couple of days (washing line pole) but apart from a visit to the doctor for antibiotics for the sore ears, nothing else has needed medical attention.

We are indeed very fortunate.

Fortune has shone on me in particular these last few weeks. I have recovered from a torn stomach muscle and my shoulder is almost back to normal after a fall in July. Also despite being on the receiving end of numerous sneezes and aiding in the blowing of noses almost constantly, I have so far avoided coming down with any of the various viruses that have been flying around. For this I am very thankful.

I have also been on the receiving end of some prizes. When I attended the Australian Sheep and Wool Show at Bendigo in July I entered a couple of prize draws and a photo competition. I was successful in one of the prize draws and was fortunate to win this gorgeous skein of Blue Faced Leicester and Bunny Angora yarn in 4 ply from Charly at Ixchelbunny. Her yarn is so gorgeous, she has the most amazing colourways and I have had this yarn before and it knits up so beautifully.
My second and third successes were courtesy of Bendi Bingo. An initiative from a group of ladies over on Ravelry to help expose the various members of Ravelry and the Stallholders at the Bendigo Show to a wider audience. Last year we needed to get signatures from various people for their names or the wares or what they were wearing. This year was a photo competition and we were asked to get photographs of various people and/or their stock. A wonderful way of ensuring we travelled through every part of the sheds examining wares from all of the stallholders and also to meet people in person who we may only know via the internet.

This photo
has resulted in me winning one of these spindles from Petlyn. My friend Teresa is carefully trying not to laugh out loud at me as it has been one of her intentions for a while now to get me to start spinning and I have been very good about not being tempted. Until now. Who can resist with one of those spindles heading their way???

This photo
has resulted in me winning a cone of the yarn which is silk stainless steel from Dairing yarns. The most amazing yarns are found in their store. I have some very fine linen I bought from them a while ago now that I still haven't had the guts to wind into a ball yet. The fact that the skein has 1700 metres or so on it is the main reason I haven't done it yet! Stephen and Teresa generously gave prizes to 6 contenders, all of us are very happy!

Lots of lovely things have turned up or are on their way. I'm feeling very lucky. So after I get through the next few days, we have a trip to Lake Mountain to the snow with the kids and some friends tomorrow and then Hunter's birthday party on Sunday, I'll be back here with a giveaway. So stay tuned :-)


Rose Red said...

nice work on the pries and on not coming down with a cold or flu!

I've wound a 1700m skein of laceweight (it JUST fit on a regular ballwinder) - my advice is to do it s-l-o-w-l-y.

Rose Red said...

ps - that's meant to be "prizes"!

Melissa said...

Well done winning the prizes and not getting sick. I haven't been so lucky.

2paw said...

You are indeed fortunate and what beautiful wool and lovely pictures too!!

dillpickle said...

That skein of hand-dyed is especially lovely! Well done on not getting sick yet, and it's good that all of your muscle tearing/shoulder hurting is healing!!

I hope the party goes well!

Anonymous said...

glad you are all in one piece, relatively speaking! great prizes too, those spindles are almost enough to tempt me too, except i know i am hopeless at spinning. look forward to seeing what you come up with!

Cathy {Tinniegirl} said...

That first skein of wool is amazing. Such gorgeous colours.

It's lovely that in amidst all the ills and ails you can still see yourself as fortunate. What a great outlook to have.

TinkingBell said...

Finally catching up after the whirl of assignments and prac

It was lovely to see you at Bendi - and yes - you know where the rest of the yarn is if you need it (and I am sure you will have have enough - but if not, some lives here....)