Friday, August 20, 2010

2010 FO# 36, 37 and 38 - Kinder hats

Recently at Zac's kinder a mum donated a box full of yarn. Lots of odds and ends, some discontinued yarns, stuff that's probably been hanging around in her stash for years. A lot of ac(k)rylic. One of the teachers, who knows I knit, asked whether I thought there was enough of any of it to make a hat or two. She had an ulterior motive, with a week to go to the kinder Trivia night and Silent Auction, she thought people might bid on them for their kids. I fished out a few balls and said I'd see how we'd go. The only one with a recognisable label was a ball of Patons Camille now a discontinued yarn. In the end I made three hats.

The first yarn had a label saying "Knitting Yarn" and giving washing instructions but no idea of ply or composition, I guessed 8 ply and used 6 mm needles and came up with a hat to fit a 3-6 year old. The yarn was a multi coloured core thread covered in light tan fuzz, so the hat was light tan with hints of colour. Forgot to take a photo but should manage to get one tomorrow night at the event.

The second hat was made from the Patons Camille in a pale blue colour. I looked up the yarn on Ravelry and discovered it was a 10 ply so I used my 8mm needles for this one. The yarn is a 40% wool, 40% acrylic, 20% rayon mix and is quite fluffy and light. Again this one will fit a 3-6 year old sized head.

The third yarn had no label and looked thinner than the first two so I used it held double with the 8mm needles and it knit up quite nicely. The colours in this one were grey, cream and brown. I love the way the colour has swirled, somehow despite being held double! I finished it this morning at Playgroup while wandering around and chasing down my youngest who had an amazing need to perform disappearing tricks today. Must have been the wind. The kids were a little mad.

So three fuzzy hats knit from yarn donated to the kinder. They will be included in the silent auction to help raise money for the kinder to fund an extra assistant for next years kids.
Very happy that this good deed did not end the way my last good deed did.

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