Friday, July 2, 2010

A storm is coming.....

I love the way the light changes, telling me a storm is coming.

I love the blackness of the sky.

I love seeing the front approaching

I can't wait for it to come through....

Will there be thunder?
Will there be lightning?
Will there be hail?

I'll let you know later :-)

PS this one is for Cam who may be facing the wrong way and can't see it coming!!


dillpickle said...

It's bucketing down at our place right now! No thunder or lightening or hail, though, just lots of rain. I'm loving it!

2paw said...

No rain here today, it's sunny and snowy cold!!

CurlyPops said...

I'm in the West and my window is facing North, so I didn't get to see it! We haven't even had any rain yet today, although there are some grey clouds forming overhead.
Thanks for the lovely photos!