Saturday, July 31, 2010

Book Recommendations

I have just gotten around to having a look at The Book Depository which is based in the UK and delivers books worldwide at no charge. They also have quite cheap prices on most books, one I've been wanting for a while is about $65 here in the stores but is $41 there, so I have now added it to my Wishlist. I figure with a birthday approaching having a wishlist may help solve some of those present buying dilemma's for my husband :-)

I have barely read a book since having our first kid. Apparently all I had brain space for was magazines (New Scientist, Super Food Ideas and more recently Better Homes and Gardens). But I am slowly reclaiming book reading space (I have managed to read 4 books so far this year) so I figure now is the time to start getting ideas for what's out there that might be good. I have no particular preferences in style or type or whatever.

Sooooooo, anyone read any good books lately?? All ideas and suggestions welcome.



2paw said...

The Book Depository has a US site as well, but don't forget that searches lots of places and finds the best price. It is often the Book Depository though!! I love saving money, I can buy more books!!!
I like fantasy, and I try to read Australian authors, there are quite a few!! I have just read all of Barry Maitland's police books.

Emma said...

I second, it's saved us a lot of money on knitting and programming books over the last year or so.

As for recommendations, I'm a bit useless as I'm mostly a reference book purchaser!

CurlyPops said...

I don't have any suggestions but I was going to tell you about Booko too. It's fabulous!

t does wool said...

Leonie...I have a list a mile long ;)
that's what I have been doing lately...are you fond of mystery?
romance? I just finished Pat Conroy's South of Broad which was an interesting tale of unlikely friendships...
a little drawn out at parts...but very good...I like his works... Stephen King?? another favorite..
right now I am reading an old one...REBECCA by Daphne du Maurier

dillpickle said...

I love reading, and would quite possibly go completely batty if I didn't have the opportunity to read! I'm a bit obsessed with crime fiction at the moment (especially the ones that tie everything up neatly at the end - pregnant brain?), but I've read some others recently too. The Book Thief is one of my favourites that I've read over the last couple of years - it seems grim when you read the blurb but is wonderfully written and has lots of giggle opportunities, even if there's also some devastatingly sad bits. I enjoy Peter Goldsworthy when I'm in the right mood, and love Margaret Atwood. Barbara Kingsolver (esp the Poisonwood Bible) is also magnificent!

Let me know if you'd like some crime fiction recommendations - I'd definitely second the Barry Maitland suggestion!