Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bendigo was....

Awesome :-)

It has been busy with loads of hugs, declarations of "I love you" and "Can I look at/wind the yarn Mum?", happy children who apparently missed me and managed to behave well for their father in my absence. Some knitting with new yarn has also been happening. What, you thought I could hold out until my other projects were done??? Sorry, really don't have that kind of self control around yarn :-)

Will be back with photos of new stash acquisitions and tales of adventures once I get through the next day or so. Also a progress shot on my Pride sock.

Today we have a Birthday boy in the house. Zac is turning 5 and if the grin is anything to go by he likes his "big" present. So there's heaps to do today.


Liesl said...

It should be obligatory for all mums to go away once in a while, for this very reason!

Happy birthday to Mister 5.

Melissa said...

It was awesome wasn't it. Happy Birthday Zac!!

2paw said...

Yes, Liesl, they don;t know how much they appreciate you till you're away!! Glad you had a great time and hope the Birthday is going well.