Friday, July 9, 2010

2010 FO# 23 - Twigs and Leaves cardigan

The Front

and The Back
With many thanks to my little sister who came over today and wielded the camera in daylight and took about 10 shots while I felt extremely silly posing this way and that, you are absolutely not seeing any of the other shots!!

Many successes were achieved with this one garment.
1/ First time at reading charts
2/ First chart only pattern attempted ever (the written directions did not cover the patterned area of the knitting)
3/ First fitted garment ever
4/ Successful recalculation of increases and decreases in the sleeves and armhole depths on body pieces due to difference in row gauge from the original pattern
5/ First time sewing together reverse stocking stitch

Details, details, details:
Yarn: Heirloom Heatherwood, Navy with red and aqua flecks ("identical" to Bendigo Woollen Mills Rustic in Midnight Tweed colourway)
Needles: 4mm bamboo straights
Started: March 30, 2010
Finished: July 8, 2010
Modifications: Added extra rows to the back, left front and right front at the waist to lengthen it before the upper body shaping, also recalculated shaping for armholes and sleeves to adjust for row gauge differences. Tried a fine leather tie and a bulkier leather tie as per pattern but went with a braid made from the same yarn to tie the fronts together.
Notes: There was only one error in the pattern and it had been reported by another knitter prior to me starting so that was ok. Kept track of where I was up to by setting up an Excel spreadsheet and crossing off every row as I did it. Bonus of this is that all body pieces have the same number of rows as do the sleeves so sewing together side seams was a breeze. The yarn felt a little rough to start with but now it has been washed is softer. Will probably only wear this with long sleeves.

So it's all done with a week to spare because it is definitely keeping me warm at Bendigo!


2paw said...

You are modellicious!! You have really inspired me to add this to my queue!!

dillpickle said...

It's really quite fabulous! Well done, and what a fantastic way to celebrate emerging from feeding brain :-) Have fun in bendigo.

Rose Red said...

It looks fantastic! Fits so well, congratulations on all your firsts and succesful mods!

toffle said...

It looks fantastic!
Congratulations on a FO for you.

Kate said...

Va va VOOM!!! You look fabulous!! Your cardi is GORGEOUS!! Thrilled for you m'dear - you will be warmly admired in your warm cardi at Bendi!!

drkknits said...

gees that looks good on! a great fit, and beautifully finished. nice work!