Sunday, June 6, 2010

When there's a need....

Recently we misplaced the back door/garage keys, they're here somewhere, we just don't know where. We discovered on Friday that not only had the boys lost one beanie they had lost three in the last two weeks!!! Shortly after that we also couldn't find Hunter's car quilt. At this point my somewhat obsessive personality stepped in and we searched the house, both cars, the house, the garage, the house, the garden by torch light, rang family, searched the house some more. In a moment of inspiration while washing my hands in the bathroom (don't ask me why but this seems to be a place where my thoughts come together and idea and problems become clarified) I wondered where Zac might hide something and went straight to his little metal suitcase and found Hunter's car quilt all stuffed in. Unfortunately none of the hats were there. I have three "Lost and Found" boxes to check on Tuesday and then I will give up on finding the missing hats.

In the meantime it is COLD. Winter has arrived with a vengeance and in a house where the children take years to grow hair thick enough to actually provide some warmth, beanies in Winter are a must. So I raided the stash and found two balls of Naturally Vero 100% Wool in a blues and greens colourway. The first ball was turned into a crocheted hat for Tyler, I used a 5mm hook and Australian single crochet. It felt a bit short but I was out of yarn so I left it. the photo shows it at this point.

The second ball was knit up on 8mm needles into a beautiful soft and fluffy hat for Zac. Ravelled here.

When I finished I had a little yarn left over and so I went back to Tyler's hat and added another 4 rows using a 6mm hook, just enough to make it cover his ears...perfect! Tyler's finished hat Ravelled here.

The boys love their new hats and Hunter wondered why he wasn't getting one. We explained that he still had his hat. He had better not lose it just so he can get a new one!!

When Zac went to bed he had to put his new hat in his "special" box under his bed so I think we have a winner. I got the yarn a couple of years ago at $4 a ball so a big winner there too!

Happy faces all round :-)


2paw said...

Oh I hate it when I lose things. I know how you must feel. Lucky boys though, with their wonderful new hats!!

Liesl said...

Cute hats .... but if that isn't an invitation to Hunter to hide his current hat then I don't know what is!!!

Good luck with locating your keys.

Melissa said...

Oh, losing things is so annoying, but what a great excuse to make some cute hats.

Lynne said...

Last week, I ripped out part of the first beanie I knitted for GS#1 and have made it bigger. He's still not impressed with having it jammed on his head but settles down fairly quickly - he's still too young to take it off so if it gets lost it'll be one of his parent's fault!