Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The perfect tea cup

We have had a few breakages recently in the cup realm. We have had the same set of cups/mugs for years now and we only have 3 left. Over time I think we have owned about 10 of the same cup, we got the first set of 6 or 8 as engagement or wedding presents and we replaced broken ones until they stopped making the same design. We have had other cups over time but the most recent ones are terrible. They were passed on to us from Jules' previous work by a friend (thanks Tig) and they were meant as a bit of joke. Well as it turns out they are a lot of a joke. Your cup of tea/coffee/milo is cold in about 2 minutes.

I believe it comes down to two things.
The first being the shape: narrow at the bottom, wide at the top, basically an upside down triangle, lets all the heat out super fast. The old ones were a bit curved at the base but had straight sides.
The second is that while they are made of ceramic I am pretty sure it's not porcelain. Our old ones say "Fine Bone China" but the new ones have nothing on them, that has to be a bad sign!

Do you have good tea cup/mugs??? We both drink tea in mugs not tea cups because honestly there's just not enough tea in a tea cup. I need ideas. Where to find new ones. Ones which hold the heat for longer than two minutes. Ones that are made from something better than the duds we currently have.

I need new cups. Help.


Rose Red said...

We have Villery & Boch mugs (it's our dinner set). I think they are quite good. Expensive though, you'd be looking at least $25 per mug (from somewhere like Peter's of Kensington - online if you haven't heard of it) or at David Jones in the sale - right now actually!). I'm also thinking about knitting some mug cosy's. Not sure if they work (they still leave the top of the mug open) but maybe that's an idea for your dud mugs?

I love that your little fella is writing, that is way cool!

2paw said...

I am like Mr Bean and I go about 'pretending' to drink form potential cups. Maybe you could knit mug cosies?? I am not much help as I am always breaking my cups and mugs. My new kettle thinks a cup is 180ml. I like a cup that is at least 300ml!!!

Lynne S of Oz said...

We have all sorts of mugs and cups.
The mugs vary from dollar shop mugs to nice bone china ones (Oz birds and older musical instrument ones). They all hold the heat too long for me as I only drink peppermint tea and it takes 20 minutes even in the cold to get it to drinkable (and I've had drinks sitting for an hour on 35C days!).
Most impressed with the youngest and his writing - does he know what the words are or is he copying and practising?