Friday, June 11, 2010

How far shall I go???

Paranoia is rampant in the House of Bones tonight.

Back story: The last time I made a full sized garment for myself I was about 14 and it was the eighties and it wasn't shaped and I wasn't shaped either!

Present day: I am making a cardigan that is shaped, full size and for me, all the makings of a perfectionists nightmare.

So today's problem is as follows: My Twigs and Leaves Cardigan (Rav link) requires a tension of 22 sts and 24 rows to 10cm, problem is I get 22 sts and 27 rows to 10cm.
Which means that I either add 3 extra rows randomly per 10cm and hope it doesn't mess with the shaping, or I recalculate the whole garment and positions of shaping decreases and increases to preserve the shaping. Nobody will be surprised to hear that I have indeed recalculated the whole lot.
The pattern has reference points like "at this point garment should measure 25cm" which is very helpful so I have been able to check as I go that it's the right length when it needs to be.

So....I have completed the back piece and due to previously mentioned tension issues was unsure whether the sleeve cap would fit after recalculating so I have now just finished the first sleeve. It looks good, it looks like the sleeve cap will fit nicely onto the back piece so Hooray for the calculations.

Paranoia is creeping in though.....should I wash and block the two pieces and check they don't stretch funny and still fit together nicely or should I wing it and hope for the best?

The plan was for this to be finished for Bendigo which is now a whole 5 weeks away and I still haven't done either of the two fronts, the other sleeve or the neckband. If I have to yank and start again it's probably better to do it now.

The yarn I am using is Heirloom Heatherwood otherwise known as Bendigo Rustic. So has anyone knit with it before and did it drop in the wash, etc, etc, etc?

Help the paranoid one please???


Teresa said...

Ok, Paranoid one....well done on all the recalculating, etc. As to your problem.

I'm not sure why they would block funny, but if your not sure of how they'll fit, I probably would block them just to check measurements, etc. It can't hurt and would provide reassurance, and a reference.

However, when I say, 'I would block them', that is if I were you, I would probably wing it!

Hope that helps, Good luck

Emma said...

I'd give them a wash and block, just for piece of mind. My (relatively uninformed) inkling is that if they're going to change with blocking, they'll change in a similar way.

Oh the joys of yarn substitution!

Lynne said...

Knit a good-sized tension square (which you probably have done already since you know your gauge) and wash and block it. Measure before and after - that will tell you everything you want to know and the yarn can always be reused if necessary.

Good luck - you can do it!

t does wool said...

positive thoughts your way.