Monday, May 10, 2010

Things we've been up to

Went to the zoo a week ago and I took the other lens for my camera in the hopes of getting some closer than usual shots.

Tyler was completely fascinated by the peacock once he got over the shock of one walking right past him!

That small elephant up there....her name is Mali and her royal cuteness is a whole 245 kg. Hunter said he wanted to catch up to her (she was born 110kg about 3 months ago). We tried to explain how impossible that was and resorted to explaining how heavy she was at birth (Daddy plus Hunter plus Tyler) compared to now (Daddy plus Mummy plus Hunter twice plus Zac plus Tyler twice) he was suitably impressed and very clear that he wouldn't be catching up with her any time soon. It's amazing how changing your frame of reference puts things into perspective :-)

Had an afternoon trip out on Saturday to the Stitches and Craft show, met my Mum who had travelled up from the country for the day by train and took Zac along for something different. He was quite tolerant of us looking at all of the crafty stuff and as a treat we took him to the makedo section where he was able to construct this robot. He was, and still is, very proud of his handiwork.
Oh and one last thing, the kids play space is now complete, the second photo shows the board at the end which has now had one layer of blackboard paint added and will soon receive a second and be ready for use.

The kids love their new play space and when the back door opens they are off like rockets to see who can reach it first!


2paw said...

Your new play space is fabulous!! And thank you for all the zoo photos. We don;t have a zoo here so I love to look at photos!!

sue said...

Great photos of the animals at the zoo. I really need a new camera so I can closer pics. Miss Mali is certainly growing quite quickly isnt she, must go and see her very soon. Your kids play equipment looks great, what fun!

Lynne said...

Thanks for sharing all the zoo photos. It is sometimes very difficult to get a concept like weight across to children!

The boys look very happy in their new play space!

Liesl said...

Ah, the place space looks sensational!

Lynne S of Oz said...

You have been busy!
The kids look very happy with their new space - I see castles and ramparts in their future :-)

Drewzel said...

Squee!!! Baby elephant!
And that's one cool robot :)