Saturday, May 15, 2010

2010 FO# 15 - Girly rainbow socks

This lovely little pair of socks was completed almost a month ago. I have been adding stuff to the completed list and forgotten to detail them again. I suppose having them on the list eventually reminds me to give them their own post!

I have used my usual pattern this time with 32 stitch cast on with 3.25 mm needles (Knit Pro Hamrony circs) as I was using the Wooldancer 100% Organic Wool in 8ply again.
They are 10cm in foot length so would suit up to a 3 month old or so.
Started: April 17th
Finished: April 20th
Ravelled here.

I had enough wool by weight to make another pair and they are almost off the needles themselves, will see if they fit my not so little baby niece!


Lynne said...

Sunshine and rainbows in your knitting. I thought it was sister who liked that colour combination?I have a sneaking suspicion it's you! LOL

Lynne said...

PS How long are the repeats on that yarn?