Sunday, April 25, 2010

Gardening Challenge

On Thursday last week I had a gardening friend visiting and she was pruning and cutting up the prunings while I endeavoured to dig out an Oleander.

It started looking like this:

and ended looking like this.

I was very careful to protect my back and hips from strain by sitting on mats when doing close up stuff and using the hoe to dig out very dry compacted dirt. The problem is, that despite being a knitter who would expect to have relatively strong and dexterous hands I completely wore my hands and wrists out to the degree of being unable to lift Tyler using my hands when he wanted to get up. It has been 3 days and while most of the muscle ache has subsided the wrist pain is still present when doing anything weight bearing through my hands. Of course because the general ache has subsided I've been doing more around the house today cleaning up the kitchen, hammering in nails for Jules and replacing the elastic that had worn out in pyjamas belonging to Zac. So now I am back to having the ache. This evening I had to get Jules to tip out the pasta water for me because I couldn't lift the pot.

I did get some knitting in and it did appear to help, at least it got the blood going through my hands and as I worked out, I don't bend my wrists while knitting. Thing is though, it's slow and my hands wear out :-(

Gardening is scheduled for next Thursday as well and the Oleander is still firmly rooted in the ground so I need to have functional wrists and hands again just in time to wear them out again!


Michelle said...

Oh you poor thing! Take it easy, and look after your wrists! They're the only two you have and you need them for the knitting and the hugging!

Lynne said...

Take care of your hands and wrists - they are the only ones you have! And you'd be surprised how often we use them!!

As for the oleander, why don't you poison it? That soil around the house is always dry, dusty and compacted because it gets less water than the soil in other parts of the garden!

Lynne S of Oz said...

Ouch! I know about the sore wrist thing - I'll have a sore wrist until I finish chem and beyond.
You don't have a mattock? They are the best for digging stumps out...(as long as those things don't have roots that sucker and of course you've chopped the top off the plant)
The play thing looks fun :-)