Monday, April 19, 2010

Family life

Well it's been crazy busy as per usual around here. We've had two weeks of school holidays and are just entering the second week back at school. The holidays had fantastic aspects (getting away to the beach and also meeting up with a fabulous blogging friend, she has detailed our encounter here) and just plain annoying aspects (kids behaviours) but we made it through relatively unscathed. It was probably the most difficult of the holiday breaks we have had since Hunter started school mostly because of the difference in the ages and stages the kids are at and the fact the he just couldn't slow down. Thankfully returning to school seems to have settled him down some, that and spending hours at a time making dominoe trails to knock down. Zac has coped well with being in 4 year old kinder and after a very unsettled week last week, seems (crossed fingers) to be in a better state of mind today. How long it lasts is anyone's guess. The big boys didn't seriously notice the week without TV they just had courtesy of some bad behaviour but we have noticed the pace they are running at has slowed somewhat and that is a good thing. Tyler, after being bombarded by big brothers who kept knocking him over during the holidays, is enjoying the slower pace of school/kinder term time and has had a couple of play dates with a little boy who are is here on vacation from Laos for 2 months with his Mum who is a long term friend of ours.

So a slightly more peaceful status has entered the home zone and we are all welcoming it.

There has been construction happening on a small scale.

A once neglected corner of the yard which was long ago allocated as a kids space is getting a well deserved upgrade which the kids will love once it is completed.

So far we have 6 holes

and poles

and now a cross beam

More photos as progress emerges. We work on a slow scale here, especially with a drill that can manage 2 drilled holes per battery recharge! We do have two batteries and they are being recharged on rotation so the holes should all be drilled by the end of the week.

Oh and as for the pumpkin at the top, well we grew it! More like it appeared in the garden and we allowed it to grow and we occasionally remembered to water it.

But hey with three small children racing around the place like lunatics anything that escapes the confines of the vege patch (bird netting surrounded area) is fair game and somehow this pumpkin and it's companion (still in the garden circled in dodgy red up there) managed to survive and we have chopped this one up and roasted it this arvo with the intention of either making pumpkin scones or pumpkin soup....yummo!

Lots of knitting has been happening as well. More finished objects to come but it's time for kids to have a drink and then we'll head off for school pickup.

Catch you later!


2paw said...

I saw all about your outing on Kate's blog!!! How exciting. I thought you might have grown (however accidentally) the pumpkin!! Nice outdoor reno!!
Holidays can be a fraught tie so I am glad yours has gone well.

Lynne said...

Glad to hear that things are settling down and the routine is calmer. Looking forward to seeing the construction progress - bet the boys are excited.

Please check my blog - some of your "ack" has been used for borders in my most favourite blanket to date!