Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Home again.


Washing on.

Kids fed and in bed asleep.

So You Think You Can Dance supplying a dose of fabulous dancing and an amazing performance from the three boys....H.O.T.


In other news, we had a wonderful couple of days at Mum and Dad's and a further fabulous 3.5 days at the beach in the company of Jules' family. The kids have been spoilt by the various Easter bunny deliveries. We have had many many Easter Egg Hunts, the kids love hunting, finding and then taking turns in hiding them all again just so they can hunt for them again. Keeps them busy for ages. They also don't expect to eat them all either which, while being quite weird, is actually really good because you can use the same eggs for hours!!

Knitting was undertaken while "supervising" naps for the littlest one and I am officially 1/3 of the way up the back of my Twigs and Leaves cardigan. Need some daylight for photos of that one. Lots more washing to do after being away for 5 days but I am making time to catch up with a lovely blogging friend on Friday and it is sure to be lots of fun :-)


Melissa said...

Welcome home!

Lynne said...

Welcome back!

beccasauras said...

how amazing were the boys? I'm a bit in love with Phillippe.....glad you had a great time!

jorth said...

Gah - nothing gets rid of the holiday feeling more than a big pile of laundry!

Still, sounds like you had a lovely trip - welcome back!