Friday, April 2, 2010

2010 FO #9 Jitterbug socks

When you have leftovers from making a pair of socks for yourself (above) and there's not enough to knit a hat with, one of the other options is to knit a pair of small socks. I split the ball into two without cutting it by hand rolling it into 2 equal (by weight) balls.

First attempt used too much yarn so I frogged and tried again with a smaller size and my other pattern, in the end I was left with a very small sample of yarn (about 2m) that will be kept in case I need it for darning my socks at some point.

The socks are seen here modelled by the camera shy Little Miss M at age 8 weeks. Her toes in no way reach the end so they would fit a baby up until they are approx 3 months.

Colinette Jitterbug in the Lagoon Colourway, leftovers from a pair of adult socks, 22 g approx 60 m.
Knit Pro 3.25 mm fixed circs.
Cast on March 12th
Cast off March 21st
Pattern comes from my head, Ravelled here if you want the details.

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Lynne said...

A camera shy baby? No way!! LOL

Our grandson must be the most photographed child in creation; but his other grandparents do live 500+km away!