Friday, April 2, 2010

2010 FO #8 Karaoke hat

While I sat at the Makers Market a couple of weeks ago I figured I should be doing something with my hands to make double use of the time. So I took along some dpns and some yarn and cooked up a hat during the course of the day. Wasn't quite finished by pack up time but it was by the time I went to bed!

Specs: SWTC Karaoke Soysilk and wool on 4mm metal dpns.
Cast on March 13th
Cast off March 13th
Colour changes courtesy of the yarn!!

Knit from the top down, very happy with how the colours worked in this one. Will have to remember to change up a couple of needle sizes for the cast off next time, it has a very firm edge rather than a stretchy one. Fits the supersized 2.5 yo head that lives here apart from being firm around the edges so would work comfortably for 12-24 months on most kids.

Will have to get it out and write down what I did so I can do it again the same next time!


2paw said...

I thought you had done beautifully complicated stripes, it's very cute!!!

Lynne said...

Very cute! BTW, how long were the colour sections in that yarn?