Wednesday, March 10, 2010

hijacked...Jules' laptop

Have had to hijack Jules' laptop to let you know I'm going to be at the Northside Makers Market again this Saturday, details below.

Northside Makers Market
Saturday 13th March

Northcote Uniting Church
251 High st, Northcote
10.30am - 3.30pm

Also the keyboard on my laptop died courtesy of the cup of tea I was drinking while sitting at the kitchen table in the presence of two competing and overenthusiastic children. I had already lost the "y" key several months ago due to the 4 yo throwing his drinking cup at me in a fit of 4 year oldness, snapped it off and had been using "control+C" and "control+V" to cut and paste "y's" ever since then. Unfortunately for me when the tea upended itself in the keyboard last week the "c", "v" and "space" keys went and so therefore did the "y". Also the mouse scratch pad became dodgy and the two mouse buttons stopped working too. Anyway the good news is that we had already ordered the new laptop prior to this most recent accident and it should arrive either Friday or Monday....I hope. The computer itself, i.e. harddrive, so far appears to be ok, it's just accessing it thats a pain. Also there's some new knowledge to share as a result: an alternate way of cutting, copying and pasting!! So for copying it's "CTRL+insert" and for pasting it's "Shift+insert", cut is "Shift+delete" do have a laugh with me as we all picture a room full of IT (nerds) workers scrambling to offer this advice while laughing at my interesting spelling of words when using the dodgy keyboard to communicate with Jules at work last week after the incident. Words like"kopi" and "kut" and "kreatif" and the best one which was why commenting on blogs was impossible was the "word ferifikation."

In the meantime my online time has been severly curtailed because while Jules' laptop has the form of a laptop it is in fact a desktop as it chews through batteries and spits them out so it no longer has one and is therefore completely attached to a power source. So way less mobility for a Mum supervising small children. So commenting, blogging and the perusing of blogs has been restricted for the last week or so and will continue to be until the new laptop arrives and is set up with all the stuff I need on it. Also haven't been uploading photos and stuff because my programs are on my laptop and Jules doesn't have them so I'm being lazy and just waiting until everything resolves and we get back to status quo before bothering.

In knitting news:
1/ Have finished the reknit of the singlet and while it is now longer, it is also now not wide enough for my niece as she has continued to grow at a great pace, so I will make her a new one and will probably have the finished one on the stall on Saturday. The singlet was on last years WIP list so that's another one down on the challenge for the year hooray!!
2/ Finished adding in the extra length to the green hat I was making for an American friend. Had Miss M try it on last night while she was here for tea and can now send it off to the intended recipient in the knowledge that it will fit them along with the matching socks.
3/ Have finished 2 pairs of baby socks and started on the third pair since Saturday as socks were a seller at the last market and I was in need of more. Hope to get the third and even a fourth pair done by Saturday. They are very cute too!!

So there you go a summary of the disaster and successes of the week! Hope your week has been getting along nicely and that the coming weekend has wonderful Autumn weater for us all....Oh how I love Autumn :-)


2paw said...

I laughed, I know it's wrong, but your word ferifikation made em laugh a lot!!!
Glad a solution is on its way!!

Drewzel said...

Eeep!!! hope you're laptopping again soon! xx

Lynne said...

Hope the markets go well this weekend and the laptop arrives promptly.

t does wool said...

hope you'll be back fixed soon~