Saturday, March 20, 2010

FO of the sewing kind!!!

So the first FO post after getting everything sorted isn't actually a knitting FO. There are quite a few of them to come, but first I thought I'd get my sewing FO out of the way!

Tyler's car quilt (for using in the car, not made of cars).
It is just two layers of flanelette fabric stitched together with no batting in between, so it is nice and light and folds down small and at about 1 metre square is perfect for using on your lap in the car. His big brothers have had theirs for ages and I have finally gotten around to his.

The process:
A month or two ago I cut out a pile of squares:

People who know me well will not be surprised by the next picture at all, the plan:

again not surprising in a house with children, the helper:

In fact big brother Zac was a really good helper, picking out the right colours and getting them ready for me to sew, Tyler was more of a "helper" one of those that hinders more than helps but since it was for him, I figured I'd let him go for it, there's not much damage you can do to a pile of squares when you can't wield scissors....

This is the strips sewn together for the "front" of the quilt, laid out as they were to be sewn to each other to check it looked ok:
these are the strips for the "back" of the quilt again checking layout:

and these are the two finished squares which were then pinned together carefully to ensure all joins matched on both sides and then they were sewn together to keep the shape stable:

For quilting: I sewed a big cross right through from corner to corner, and 4 more lines cutting across all of the corners to hold it together so it doesn't flop about too much.

The big boys declared it a success if for no other reason than that Tyler can no longer claim either of their quilts for his own!!

For Tig: with the 3.5 hours this took, my sewing hours total = 18.75 over all projects since starting to count for our challenge. Which means I have 21.25 hours left until I can make something specifically for me....if it's for Jules as well does that mean I can count it in the challenge hours????

The big thing to note for me is how quick sewing is compared to knitting for the size of the object made and the amount that can get done in a short period of time. Knitting will always be the first love though for both it's portability and the ability to do it without looking which means watching children play, swim or carry out other tasks can all be doubly productive, because the knitting keeps on growing. If I ever learn to sew without looking, the knitting might be in danger but I don't see that happening any time soon :-)

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Lynne said...

Hey, one day we may be as productive as that! In three and a half hours we've managed to sew together about 14 x 50cm strips! (plus do practice runs and adjust the tension and do practice runs and adjust the tension and... )

Seriously, well done - I bet Tyler is just as happy as his two older brothers.