Saturday, March 20, 2010


The new laptop finally arrived yesterday afternoon. Delivery time was scheduled for between 12 and 5 and while that may be reasonable for office workers it is not so reasonable for an at home mum with one kid at kinder and another at school. Kinder pickup was 1pm so Nanny (J's Mum) kindly agreed to pick Zac up for their Friday afternoon rondezvous and an SOS was sent out to the Mum of one of Hunter's school friends for him to be dropped home after his 3.30pm pickup. Computer arrived at 4.25pm, hmmmmm, at least the folding was all done!!

So I have the new laptop and the process of transferring files from one computer to the other has commenced. Thank goodness for both being on the home network you just set it to go and it does and you can ignore how long it takes because you can still use the computer.

Of course I would be happier if our download limit hadn't been reached so I could actually download and/or access all the stuff I need in a reasonable amount of time, but hey at least all the keys work :-)

Keeping one of our cats company in the study at the moment, she had a lump removed from her hind leg on Thursday and while she came through the surgery really well she is now going to drive me insane having to keep her inside and "quiet" while the line of stitches (8cm long) up the back of her leg heals. Have had to put an "Elizabethan collar" on her which she thinks is pure torture but she has been pulling at her stitches so she has to wear it at least for now. Back to the vet on Monday to have the stitches checked and then again a week later to have them out. I'm hoping I can take the collar off before then or both she and I will be climbing the walls. We do let her out of the study for a bit of time in the evening after the kids are in bed but she is adamant that it isn't enough and is constantly pulling on the door trying to open it. Have had to move from the desk to the bed so she isn't sitting on either of the keyboards. She is now having a lie down on the bed beside me. Much better!

I've just been having a look at the last few posts and have realised that there's an awful lot missing in terms of FO' s. Apparently I have been doing more than I thought. Always good :-)
So prepare for a series of FO posts, now I have my photo shrinking software back I should be able to get some happening :-)

Oh and the new laptop.....slightly different from the old one, as it would be, much bigger touchpad and screen and all of the extra keys (insert, delete, page up, page down) are all in different spots so I have to keep looking for them, also different layout and operating system but I can see us getting along well. And there will be no cups of tea coming near it......

Oh and the photo up the top comes to you courtesy of a day of boredom during the last school holidays when Zac decided he needed a train track made in the shape of his name...who am I to say "No"????


Lynne said...

I did wonder about the "Zac" photo! I couldn't make out what it was - after you said, it was so obvious!

I'm looking forward to the FO posts.

2paw said...

Of course, it says Zac!! lad you have your new laptop and that the transfer is easy. Poor kitten, I know all about those collars. Harki and Peri hate them, Gilly thinks it is a new game, but it is awful to have to wear it. Good luck with that!!!