Friday, March 26, 2010

2010 FO#5 - M-B's hat

This little set was a request from a friend living in Florida where the weather is not so conducive to woolly knits! The little one is due to arrive at the end of May and while the socks will probably be a bit big at first, the hat should be a great fit because of the ribbing (and yes I did check it on my current newborn test subject!). I am not so secretly hoping to add a second, smaller pair of socks that should fit from birth.

Pattern came straight from my head and I already have my brain working on a slightly different way of increasing the ribbing to create V's in the ribbing of the hat so keep an eye out for that.
These were knit from Cleckheaton 100% Bamboo on Knit Pro 3.25mm fixed circs.
Started the socks on December 21st last year and finished them on New Years Eve, so they were added to last year's FO count. They are Ravelled here.
Started the hat sometime in February and finished it on March 5th this year. It is Ravelled here.

Edited to change title to #5 sorry!!!

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Lynne said...

Again - very cute! Love the colour.