Monday, February 8, 2010

Home again, home again

It was quite a fun day at the Northside Makers Market on Saturday. Had my stuff on the Collective table with 5 other members, made a few sales had loads more interest than last time so that was fabulous. Had a couple of people drop by to say "Hi" which is always fun too! It was a pretty slow day for the Market as a whole, not much foot traffic on High Street, everyone was probably at home recovering from the first week of school and kinder! Looking forward to the next one on March 13th. Forgot to take my camera but you can see a couple of pictures here and here.

Have been working madly on an entry in Woolybutt's Summer knitting challenge. The theme of this Summer's challenge was "needful things" with clothing of any type being a No, No!! Finished it last night just need to sew in the ends and block it. Anyone with any tips on how to block lacy cotton???? Worst comes to worst I'll lay it out on towels and iron it!!!!

Have also been working on my "Chouwa" socks, am up to the toe on the first sock so that should be done super quick, then on to the next one.

The shawl is now halfway through the depth, 4 out of 8 pattern repeats done, unfortunately it's a watching all the time pattern as it is essentially "yarn over, p2tog" for 225 stitches for 8 rows with a little short row shaping and then a break of 4 rows purl. Can never remember whether that makes it knitted lace or lace knitting, but if I manage to drop a stitch at least I would only lose it down to the purl rows.....having dropped one or two along the way so far I've managed to bring them back up without too much trauma so hopefully I won't manage a full 8 row drop!!!

Worked on the bamboo singlet while at the market, have to double check the length then I'm up to the two shoulder straps and it will be done and off to a test wearer!

The sewing challenge with my friend has seen me cut out all of the squares I need for Tyler's car quilt. The big boys already have theirs, two layers of flanelette sewn together so nice and light but warm, perfect for in the car.

In other news the youngest two have both had ear infections this past week so we are back on the antibiotic merry go round. Seems to be their favoured side effect of head colds. I sooo hope they grow out of it. Although Jules has said he was prone to them as a child so maybe we will just have to keep an eye out for the signs and symptoms for a long time to come.

Some finished object pictures in the next post I hope!! See you then.


Andrea said...

I would honestly rather poke my eyes out with 1.25mm double points than knit with cotton! Lace knitted with cotton makes you a wonderfully mad person ;)

Get wells to the sickies (you know if they were girls, they'd be far less sick!).

Lynne said...

Wash the finished item or soak for at least ten minutes. Rinse if you used detergent. Roll in towels to get most of the moisture out or use the machine to spin to "drip dry" (that is with some moisture still in. Then block it as you would wool but remember cotton is not as elastic as wool - it will stretch further and retain that shape. Leave until really dry (which takes longer than you think!).

All three of my baby blankets are pure cotton, all lace and all blocked severely!