Friday, February 26, 2010


Just like to say there's a new breed that have invaded my house that are driving me nuts. They keep landing on me and they feel all sticky and it's yuck. And they crawl all over stuff like the cup of tea you are half way through drinking, eeeewwwwww. The usual breed drone around the house butting their heads in windows and are easy to kill. This lot fly too fast and too erratically and for someone who is NOT a fan of using spray to kill flies it's saying something to admit to the temptation a couple of times today. I'll try and get them tonight when they are resting(???) but otherwise tomorrow it is chemical warfare because I have had enough already.

Sorry no knitting pics. Getting to it......slowly :-)


2paw said...

Yes, those flies are awful. They are Mainland flies and we never had them here till a few years ago when they blew across the Strait and now they are in my house. Four or five of them circle under the light fitting and then they land on us all. And they refuse to die when they are sprayed. I hate fly spray too, and I have tried the sticky fly paper, but in the end I spray. Oh I am very enthused by your fly post!!!

Kate said...

Very few of those down in Hobart. Lots back in the Riverina.
Here is good :>
Good luck!

Lynne said...

Yucko! Spray away - we can all do without them.

Liesl (Hoppo Bumpo) said...

Gah - flies! We seem to get gazillions of the blighters inside. (Something to do with two small boys who were clearly born in tents)

We have resorted to one of those metered pyrethrum indoor sprays - I am just too uncoordinated with the fly swat.