Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Absence makes the heart grow fonder...

Well I hope so anyway. I have been quite absent recently.

Partly due to the usual start of year getting sorted with the school kid and the kinder kid and trying to get to where we are supposed to be on time.

Partly due to taking on a position on the Kinder Committee which was supposed to be 20 minutes once a fortnight with the odd extra thing thrown in on the odd occasion but due to the new Award (VECTAA) that has been agreed to in Victoria has meant that there has been a lot of changes that need to be addressed and put through and they come under the umbrella of my position so I have been reading a 118 page document and adjusting all sorts of information and getting others to check I haven't stuffed things up. It's all going well but has taken a lot of time.

Partly due to spending most of the night last Monday in the Hospital with Hunter who had an asthma attack (his first, we got home at 3.30am) and the resulting week worth of sleep deprivation while we tried to catch up while the two younger kids had head colds and kept waking in the night. Hunter is fine and there is no particular reason why he had that attack although we did suspect trying to swallow or inhale half the pool at his first swimming lesson the day before may have been a contributing factor whether because of the chlorine or because of a cold virus being in the water who knows. Now we just keep an eye on him and see if it happens again. He has been back for another lesson and was fine so swimming is staying for now. In a first for the last month or two we have now had two nights in a row where not a single child has woken or climbed into our bed so everyone is feeling much better and much more happy with the world!

I have been knitting (perfect for persuading the kid in the hispital bed that he is fine and can calm down now), I have finished a sock, a hat and a singlet. No photos because hey the camera is around here somewhere but not quite sure where, will fish it out this arvo if I get a chance. Have to try the hat on my niece this evening to check it will be ok for the newborn due in May over in Florida so if you're lucky you might get a modelled shot of both that and version one of the singlet. As it turns out the singlet won't last long due to length so I'm ripping back the shoulder straps to add some more length before redoing the shoulders. Have also started on the second of the Chouwa socks so quite productive this month. Hopefully will have a chance to photograph and report on the finishes in more detail soon.


Lynne said...

Welcome back. I did miss you.

I was beginning to think Bloglines had given up! So many blogpals MIA at the moment.

Hope all the family stays well and you get a few more nights of unbroken sleep.

kgirl said...

oh, glad to hear all is ok at present with the kidlets - midnight visits to emergency are just not fun :(

knitting is my daughter's one sure sign that Things Aren't That Bad too! i think if she saw me NOT knitting, she'd really panic!!