Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Happy feet

Warning: Picture heavy post!

We spent last week camping in our big tent (the Taj Mahal) at the beach. We were back in Lake Tyers in eastern Victoria, the beach of my childhood. We spent the week travelling to and fro from the beach generally twice a day with the children in tow or carry them depending on the time of day or their energy levels. We were there with my sister, her husband and four kids. Our kids are the ones in the wetsuits.

I thought I'd show you the path we use. This is the view from the top:

the first set of steps

the second set of steps

the view from the second steps

the third set of steps

the hill we just came down

the sand dune steps

almost there

made it!!
One day the ocean was calm (yep that's the ocean!)

Most days the waves were good

One day the waves were too big and rough

Every day there was construction and wave assisted destruction

The evenings were beautiful

Despite the many journeys up and down the hills assisting and carrying the kids, walking to and from the toilet block (millions of times, at least that was what it felt like!) and just generally wandering here and there, I don't have tired feet, nope, I have happy feet and have already booked next years camping spot in the same place so we can do it all over again :-)


2paw said...

And your feet so look happy!! I remember all the steps down to Nutgrove Beach when I was little. Down was fine it was the up at the end of the day!! Glad you have had a great time in the Taj Mahal!!

Sarah said...

Sounds tiring but good tiring!

Rose Red said...

Looks like a wonderful spot - and not crowded either, which is fab!

Lynne said...
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Lynne said...

I was so exhausterpated thinking about it I made too many spelling errors! Glad you had a wonderful time.