Wednesday, September 30, 2009

On this day...

Two years ago our youngest son was born. He arrived in a spectacular fashion, just ask his Aunty Chi! He is a joy, a challenge, a cheerful little soul and soooo loved by his big brothers that he still needs to be rescued from their love on a regular basis. He knows what he wants and it generally needs to happen NOW (not that it always does!). He is two. He loves drawing, generally on the supplied paper, occasionally on the table, very rarely anywhere else. Give him some paper and a pen/pencil/texta and he is happy for a good 10-15 minutes, pretty good for a kid his age! He will be having his first ever hair cut tonight (it takes forever for my kids' hair to grow) so he is going to look all grown up all of a sudden. I will take before and after photos as long as I don't get too distracted!

On the day he was born he looked like this:

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Blogtoberfest again

It's two days and counting until this years Blogtoberfest starts!

A whole month of blogging every day.

(Might be a bit of a challenge this year)

But what do you say....

Join me?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Online Sources

Have just added my website to the listings at the OZE Work@Home Mums site. There are heaps of online business listed offering all sorts of goodies from mums all over Australia who are working from home, so go check them out!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

3 down one to go

These beauties greeted me at my front doorway for a good 3-4 weeks, but the recent rains have ended their beauty, I'm trying to get a handle as to what I want to do with that space so it doesn't look very spectacular at the moment. In the long term it will become part of the house structure when and if we ever extend so I'm hesitant to put something in that won't take to relocating, so it's a space in flux at the moment and so the flowers are that much more appreciated.

This pile of goodies arrived in the post a couple of weeks ago (I think). I mentioned them at the time but hadn't gotten around to displaying them yet. They are prizewinnings and part of a Pay it Forward from Lynne.
After spying my comment on Donyale's blog about her Zauberball and the beauty of it, Lynne wandered down to her local yarn store and snaffled me a ball for my prize, that's it on the right, just love the way they wind the ball! The green is one of Lynne's handspun and hand dyed's and the colour is just wonderful, and the little baggie is going to get good use as a project bag just as soon as I decide what is next!

At the beginning of the year I made a list of 109 things I wanted to do this year. Some were big, like opening the shop, some were small, like weeding the garden on the odd occasion! In the middle though were a few things that have been challenging in their own ways. Reading a book a month was going ok and then I ran out of the Twilight series!
In terms of creative items, I proposed to make a pair of socks for each of my three boys and their dad and late last night I finished the third pair! Thus far Zac, Hunter and now Julien have received their socks. I am especially pleased with Jules' extra long extra skinny ones because despite having to restart them because they were way too loose, they ended up being made out of just one skein with a little in leftovers!

Detail, details: Needlefood Sweet Chilli Sock yarn, 60 stitch cast on, 2x2 rib for cuffs, leg length and foot length, Eye of Partridge Heel on 2.5 mm Knit Pro circs.

The last few days have seen the beginning of the school holidays and Zac has had his first ever round of asthma which he is still on medication for. We knew he was having a bit of a wheeze but he wasn't bothered by it so when I couldn't get a doctors appointment for Friday I just waited until Saturday. On Saturday when we saw the Doctor he said he was borderline hospitalizable. That was a bit of a shock. He has responded to his meds and we are going back to the Doctor today to check that everything is going as it should. Also carting Tyler off to the Doctor's today because he had me up most of the night making sure he didn't have another coughing fit like the one that woke us at 2am where he couldn't stop coughing and so couldn't catch his breath. A call to Nurse on Call in the middle of the night assured us that this wasn't asthma as well and waiting until morning to get a Doctor's appointment was fine. There was a serious discussion about heading off to the Hospital in the middle of the night which ended up not being necessary thankfully. So we are heading off to the doctor's in about an hour to work out whether their various respiratory ailments are under control or whether we have another hard night ahead of us.

In the meantime I am using a very small corner of my mind to try to work out what to make next, or maybe what to finish next....

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Fresh scones with jam and cream feshly baked this afternoon at my house using the lemonade scone recipe in Homemade : The Handmade Helps recipe book. (If you don't yet have a copy click on through and get one!)


Sorry Mum but I don't think I'll be using your recipe again any time soon.

Thanks to Donyale for the scone idea and the tip for using a colander with tea towel to maintain freshness and to knittersue who mentioned, in the comments, the recipe in the Homemade book.

We have a winner and it will be made again and again and again ;-)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Home again, home again, jiggety jog

Had a wonderful weekend away. Lots of happy kid time, lots of lazing around time, good food and great company.

Finished the first of Julien's socks. Has extra special toe shaping coz he has extra specially shaped toes! They look a little odd without feet inside them and he's busy at the moment so will try to get a modeled shot asap.

Remembered just before that I have a lot of things to take photos of, not just the socks, so amongst the cleaning and washing and swimming lesson and scone making and probably gardening scheduled for tomorrow I might see if I can set up a photo shoot.

Hope you had great weekend too!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Weekend away

Heading out of the house in about an hour and won't be back until Sunday evening. Going down to Mum and Dads for Dad's birthday on Sunday and a belated Father's Day from last weekend.

Taking Zac and Tyler. Also taking Jules' sock and if I can find it the ball to cast on the other one. Also the little cardy. So depending on how much the kids need hands on supervision and how early they get to bed I could get some knitting done!

Have spent today doing LOADS of washing including all of the hand washing and just have to throw in the nappies before I leave so Jules can hang them out tonight or tomorrow morning. He and Hunter have a birthday party to attend tomorrow before joining us at mums.

Oh and I got a parcel in the post yesterday, haven't got pic's yet, a couple of skeins of yarn and a little project bag from Lynne whose "wotisit" challenge I won recently, so that was a lovely surprise in the post when I got home from Kinder yesterday.

Have a good one!

Hit counter...

Anyone else had something weird going on with their hit counter???

In two days I have gone from about 4ooo hits to just over 11,000, that's 7000 hits in two days, somehow I don't think so...

Any ideas?

ETA It's only the visible stat counter that is increased, not the other one that I also use, hence my confusion.

Suspicious sounds and the most beautiful sound in the world

There have been some suspicious sounds floating round our house today.

-Little whisperings that when queried were apparently "nothing" but turned out to be one kid coercing the other to do something naughty. Children were WARNED.

-A loud thump during my shower which when queried was met with a shamefaced child coming into the bathroom to announce my laptop had hit the floor.....from about 5 ft off the ground...ouch. So far nothing seems to be amiss but I'm still waiting. Child was moving chair nearby to the heater vent to be sat upon and the laptop cord was tangled in it's leg. Child was WARNED.

-A loud thump in the toilet room, which upon inspection was the kid jumping off the toilet seat he shouldn't have been standing on to get to the empty toilet roll so that he could have a trumpet. Kid was WARNED.

The best sound in the world?

The almost two year old who wanted something and knew I could hear but not come straight away (enthroned) said "e muu me mum"* had me grinning like a loon, the manners are kicking in, oh yes baby!!

* for those that need a translation, "excuse me mum"

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Shop update and progress with sock knitting

Have added a couple of new Cardigans to the shop this evening. Still have more items to add, a couple of things for mums and some more baby cardigans as well as a blanket. Getting to it all slowly but it is happening. Very happy with it.

Jules's first sock is almost done, up to the toe decreases, will be interested to see just how much yarn I have used on it. Pretty sure I'm going to need the second skein that I bought for the second sock. Don't like having joins so I'll use the leftovers for something else, there's always hats :-)

The little Ixchel BFL/angora cardy is coming along, the colours are pretty luminous, will get a photo in daylight. Oh and there's been an interesting colour effect at the edges of the knitting which because it is all in one piece, the edges are the two centre fronts. So I'll get a closeup of that. The sleeves are ready to join in and there's just a couple of rows to go before they are added in for the yoke portion to be knit all in one piece. Then it will just fly off the needles!

As long as there's a bit of light tomorrow, I'll try to ge tsome photos. It has been so grey recently especially at school pick up time where it has literally rained for the last week 15 minutes on either side of pick up time, not so convenient at all.