Friday, January 30, 2009

Meet Mini

Minisaurus that is.

He was created over the course of the last 3 days of freaking hot weather here in good old Melbourne town. Children were not being tolerant of knitting and neither was my brain, somehow this seemed easier....

Summary: Colouring in book picture, traced, made into a pattern, cut out in felt, handsewn, stuffed and hand finished. Pictures are worth a thousand words aren't they?

So, stage 1 was cutting everything out.

Stage 2: underside sewn in and legs sewn together.

Stage 3: head stuffed, red strip folded in half was sewn in and spines were cut into it as flexibility was required (clipping the curves anyone?) body and legs being stuffed as we close up the back.

Stage4: Construction complete, finishing required.

Stage 5: Meet Minisaurus, see how he turns his head to look at you, what a wonderful model he is!

So this bit of cuteness will belong to Z when he wakes in the morning. How soon after the recipient receives Mini do you think it will be before H requests one for himself? I have a feeling he has a different creature in mind though so we will see :-)

Oh and just for reference this is Mini and the colouring-in page that inspired his construction. They look like they might be related don't you think? (*giggle*)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dear Knitting...

Dear Knitting,

I know I'm supposed to be finishing that lovely white cardigan in my favourite pattern for our friends now 5 week old daughter, and maybe having a play with that little bit of lace I'm working on for me, but honestly when it's this hot (41.5degC), I can't be stuffed.

The kids are going mad stuck in the house, thank goodness we shelled out for the cooling last year because it means that they aren't abominable and can sleep soundly at night, but they need distraction.

Mummy knitting just isn't cutting it.

So we set up H with his magnets.

The baby was asleep.

So Z and I started making a dinosaur. He has a thing about dinosaurs. I'm trying out something, making a pattern up. We have lots of felt left over from making the boys' letters for their felt board.

So we got out a colouring in book and looked at pictures until one clicked.
Traced it out and then thought some.

Then did a side on view and cut them out in dark blue felt.
Worked out we needed a strip for it's underside to give it a bit of heft, traced out a couple of shapes and pinned them to the other two pieces and it looked good.
So we cut out the piece for the underside in yellow and it looks good.

Z requested red spines for it's back so I have cut a strip that I will just sew in and make into spines later (yay for felt that doesn't fray!!).
So now I am engaged in the ages old pass time of handsewing the pieces together with constant offers of aid in cutting more thread!!

So you see dear knitting, I will get back to you, but this dinosaur, he needs a making!

Yours truly,
Dr Bones.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Challenge cardy done but...

Well I have finished the challenge cardy, all but the buttons that is! It's looking pretty cute even if I do say so myself!
I'm pretty pleased with it really.

Of course this means I can start something else doesn't it???

How about some lace...
Of course it doesn't look like much just yet. I need to change my needles too, my favoured bamboos just aren't pointy enough for 2 ply silk/merino on 4mm's, all 215 stitches of it. Have fished out some others to try will see how we go.

Friday, January 23, 2009

I missed it :-(

Yesterday was my blogiversary and I missed it!

I can't believe it has been a whole year, my how the time flies.

The boys have grown.

The knitting has continued apace.

The shop is not yet open, not because it can't be mind, just because I haven't gotten there yet, oops.

I have "met" and read some wonderful bloggers/blogs and have expanded my knowledge on a whole range of subjects while in the comfort of my big red chair in the lounge, the things that show up on knit blogs are very far reaching!

I have managed 117 posts, so that's one every three days or so which is pretty amazing (Blogotberfest helped there!).

It really has been good and I am well and truly going to continue!

So here's to another year of knitting, the odd quilt and the very odd family news.

See you around.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's the International Year of Natural Fibres!

For those of us who knit, spin, weave or generally work with fibre, it's OUR YEAR!!!

As I have never been a fan of acrylic or other man made fibres and hold my breath when I use something with Nylon in it, I am all for this year being about promoting my type of yarns!!

I'm grinning from ear to ear. I feel quite silly really, but to have acknowledgement of something I love and to know they are planning on promoting it around the world, makes me feel happier than ever about the coming year and the abundance of wonderful fibres that are out there for us to use.

Yay For Natural Fibres!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Two WIPs and something new

Apologies for the dark photos, the light was funny (that's my story and I'm sticking to it!) Mental note: don't take photos in the shade on a bright day with a dark blue background. My internal mental notes don't work so maybe writing it down will...

Ok so the works in progress are progressing...

First up the cardy for A&O's baby is now up to the sleeves. The back is shown reverse side up and the yarn is cream coloured Baby Bambino 4ply.

The LYS challenge cardy is well underway. The green is actually a mint and I will endeavour to get a more accurate colour when I finish it. I will also have to look up the challenge rules to check out when I have to hand it in!! The finished product will be donated to a charity at the conclusion of the challenge. 100% cotton 8 ply, moss stitch bands, 2/2 stripes, raglan sleeve.

Oh and my new bit of fun courtesy of Wired for Fibre is the Istanbul shawl in Marlene (50/50 Silk/Merino in the Heaven colourway (it looks bluer on the website than it seems in person) I like the green tones in it.

I picked up the kit at Sunspun just before we went to the beach but didn't take it with me thought I'd save it for when I got back....well I'm back now. But I have other things that need doing first. Maybe if I just wind it into a ball :-)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Wonderful Holiday was had.

Home again. We had a fabulous holiday and have already got a load of washing on, dinner in bellies and Shrek on the tv for the kids. Time to catch up on some blog reading!

Will write a knitting update when I find it!!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Holiday time

Off on our holidays at the beach for a week, see you when we get back!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Packing, pausing, playing

Today we took the trailer to get one of the tyres sorted as it keeps going down. The trailer belongs to my BIL's dad, and was provided to us with the warning that the tyre will need inflating just prior to packing as it has a slow leak. I want to pack it over the next couple of days and I could see the cogs turning in J's head and decided to head that process off before it got too wound up so today we got it all fixed. The boys were fascinated by the whole process of taking the tyre off the trailer and pulling it off the rim and putting it all back together again. The machines they use are pretty nifty really. We now have the trailer sitting in the garage and the bikes and the tent went on it today. A few other things joined the party and so far the boys haven't found their bags which are already packed and hiding under their beds. They are sure to unpack them on me so I'll have to get them out to the trailer tomorrow.

So, while in the midst of finding stuff that needs to be found for our trip away I have been trying to convince the kids that under mummy's feet is not the place to be. They are excited and they are starting to drive me mad. Enter my MIL who is taking one of them off my hands for the afternoon tomorrow, yippee! On top of that she is providing dinner! Double yippee!

Tonight I have been next door to ask for a cat feeder while we are gone and they are happy to help out, our cats are definitely not fans of cat holiday housing so we like to leave them at home as much as possible.

Tonight I took a break and sat and watched some Northern Exposure (mmmmmm Chris) and knit the cardy I am making for our friends little girl who is now all of 2 weeks old! Have finished the back and one front and am working on the other front. I am still a fan of working in pieces and then sewing together in the end. I just get the feel that the seams add a little strength and stability to the whole garment.

And then I sat down to the computer for a check of the email prior to going to bed and had to start tinkering. I'm thinking of adding some colour to this here blog and can't decide whether to do it in terms of a complete background colour or just to change the background for the blog title or to do something else. Any suggestions? I also have neatened up the side bar, pulled down a couple of things, added a new 2009 finished objects section, just a general clean up really.

Anyhoo off to bed, was going much earlier than this, but got distracted.....who me????

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Finished objects for 2008

Holiday Crafting Complete

Yay! I have finished the sheets for the camping beds for the boys. Knocked them off in a couple of hours this afternoon while the boys were out riding their bikes with their dad. They are bright red and the boys have tried them out already, well they have bounced/lain on the camp bed and declared them "good" so I suppose that suffices!!

And that completes the Holiday Crafting List!

If only the Clear the Decks went better. Positives: Did find the kitchen, did find the dining table (and once I pack away today's sewing stuff I will find it again!!), half found our room, half found T's room, the laundry can wait, and finished the holiday crafting, so quite good really. Will work on finishing up ours and T's room in the next week before we head off for our trip so we can come back to a wonderfully fresh and clean house. It's magic to come home from time away to a beautiful house makes the effort to get it there well worth it!

So the next week will be cleaning and organising the packing for our trip and then we are off!

A New Year

It's the beginning of a new year and it is going to be very different from last year!!

New this year:
-H starts school
-Z starts 3yo kinder
-T starts childcare one day a week
-I will open my shop
-I will return to working one day a week
-We are all going camping for the first time (and in a tent) together at the beach and it's going to be a challenge and lots of fun too!

Last year was not a fun year, I'm glad to see it behind me. Sure there were lots of highlights but there were also many trials and tribulations. Apart from me injuring myself 4 times in the twelve months, my dad almost died after coming off his push bike and is still recovering from some of his injuries not to mention the mental ones, and my Nan passed away after a gradually debilitating illness. Just after midnight last night J and I went outside with my sister and her man and let off a whole pile of party poppers to scare off all the bad vibes and make space for some really good ones. So I figure that this year has to be better, and I am looking forward to it.

I plan on doing more knitting (surprise, surprise), and also some more sewing. I have at least 6 quilts I want to make and have all of the fabrics for. Matching ones for my boys, one for our bed and one for the couch, oh and one for the Blankets of Love program (donation).

As for New Years Resolutions? To be kinder to myself, to anticipate deadlines instead of waiting until they are upon me, to be more organised with my planning and execution of homelife/housework/crafting so that nothing gets missed.

My holiday project has already been chosen, I have the yarn, the needles and I have adjusted a pattern so it is written out for me to just knit so I am all set. It will be entered into the competition at my LYS at the end of the month.

So here's hoping this year works out well for all of us!