Saturday, December 19, 2009

Toy Society Christmas Drop

This weekend is the World Wide Christmas drop for the Toy Society and despite the reminders in the last couple of weeks life has been so distracting that I only remembered this morning and while watching the boys play, crocheted up a little octopus.

We went for a walk along the local path and tied him to the handrail on the bridge, took a couple of pictures, wandered up to the next bridge and then headed home again. He was still there as we passed and soon after we saw a dad with his toddler out for a walk. Dad looked at the label but left it there and kept walking. A couple of minutes later another couple with a baby in a pram walked past and the Mum stopped and checked it out but again left it there. We came home and I went to put the pictures on my computer to post and realised I had forgotten to put the memory card back I went, about 2.5 hours after the original drop and all I found was this:

We had used the tinsel to tie the bag the octopus was in to the handrail, so we hope that a little girl or boy out there has a nice new toy to enjoy!

All of us except Hunter of course who had his eye on it for himself and who had even gone so far as to say that if we went and checked on it in the morning and it was still there then it would be allright for him to have it! I explained that we would be leaving it there for another kid to collect as a surprise. He wasn't so sure. I think he's hoping that's not true :-)

Was inspired by the Octopus (who I made up) and am now working on a jelly fish. Hope to get it done this evening so that Jules can take the boys back tomorrow and leave it there for the next person.


kgirl said...

I love the toy drops - I'd be terrible and have to stake it out, just to see who took it!

Kate said...

Oh, I HAVE to do some amigurumi - I have hooks, yarn and patterns, I don't know why I have no amigurumi!!!
(ps verification word is actually a word: 'brands' - how unusual!)

t does wool said...

and Happy Holidays

Lynne said...

Last Christmas I said I'd get involved but this Christmas has been so topsy turvy!

Did the jelly fish happen?