Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas to all!

It's been hard to be excited about Christmas this year, lots of things have been getting between me and the good old Christmas Spirit.

I found out recently that I won't have work in the coming year. It was one day a week with holidays that matched the kids holidays so it was perfect in so many ways and I will be very aware of it's absence. One of the downsides of being a casual I suppose. I'm trying to look on it as just a step to moving on to something new but the timing and the manner of it all happening have been a bit rough.

The tree has had to be on the top of the tv all month or it would be undecorated on a daily basis courtesy of a determined 2 year old. No presents could be added because the same 2 year old knows presents are for unwrapping and was determined to do so despite none of them being his. He now knows his way around rearranging the furniture to get high enough to reach what he wants so nowhere was safe.

The big kids have forgotten how to do a few things this month: listening, playing nicely with each other, listening, doing what they're asked, listening, playing by themselves, there have been a couple of tanties at various points, at least one of them courtesy of me! Now that the school/kinder year has ended they seem to be a bit less exhausted and are playing better with each other, we're still working on the listening though so all the old methods of getting them to behave have had to be resurrected.
That and coming to a few realisations:
(1) The school kid has been "instructed" all day every day and the new cry of "but I don't know what to do" is probably a factor of this. The eternal answer to that one is "go outside and find something to do" which may take a couple of minutes but generally works.
(2) The arm in plaster is actually having an effect on the types of activities the big boys usually engage in and Hunter is finding it hard to account for the difference as Zac is generally very able and now isn't quite as.
(3) The whole being with bigger kids all year has lead to Hunter being rougher with his brothers now that he is home with them which again because of Zac's broken elbow has lead to some trouble mainly of the Zac getting splatted on the ground variety and Hunter being banished to a chair or wall or bed until the damage is assessed.
So far no major injuries but I'm more than over it and cannot wait until the 30th when the next round of x-rays occur. I am seriously hoping for no more plaster but have to keep warning Zac it may be back on again. He's not impressed.

There have been highlights this month amongst the other stuff:
The bigger kids have enjoyed doing both of our advent calendars, one a traditional nativity scene where the characters get added daily and the other a set of drawers which we put Christmas decorations in on the odd days and chockies in on the evens. We start the month with just tinsel on the tree and the decorations are added gradually over the month until it is complete on the 23rd.
Tyler is now toilet trained day and night. We have stopped bothering to put nappies on him for naps or overnight and he's all good. We have the odd "forget" where he starts and stops and yells "toilet" but no puddles anywhere in weeks so that is brilliant! My baby is getting all grown up!

We participated in the Toy Society Christmas drop again and this year dropped two toys. I like the idea of my boys taking part in giving something to others for Christmas without expecting anything in return. I think this will become more understood on their part in the coming years. Maybe they will start making things to include in drops, who knows!

So after a bit of a shaky start to the Christmas feeling over here, it finally got into high gear on Christmas Eve. The tree was relocated from the top of the tv to a table placed in the centre of the fireplace (decorations had to be replaced constantly before bedtime).

The two advent calendars were arranged on the mantlepiece and various decorations were added to set the scene. We spent some time on the afternoon of the 24th making paper Christmas trees to put on the mantlepiece.

This kept the boys busy for a whole 30 minutes so that was good!

Getting the presents under the tree and leaving a snack for Santa and his Reindeer certainly helped with the increase of Christmas cheer.

Watching the Carols on the tv always helps, though this year it was mostly listening to them as we wrapped presents.

The kids were brilliant on Christmas morning waiting until everyone was up before diving upon their presents. The hit of the day appears to have been the walkie talkies we got for them, they have played non-stop with them ever since having to have them taken away at meal and bedtime so that some social interaction could be achieved!

I'm hoping that everyone has had a lovely Christmas, that your Cheer found you in time and that the coming year brings lots of love and joy and peace. Best wishes for a safe and healthy Christmas Season and year to follow.

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2paw said...

It sounds like you have coped admirably with all the palaver before the big day!! Glad that all is going well!! We always left a beer for Father Christmas and carrot for the reindeer, who were Very Messy Eaters!!!