Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ewe Beaut Fibre Sampler

Recieved the December Ewe Beaut Fibre Sampler this past week. It's not the best picture but you get the idea. 7 yarns, 3 fleece samples, a stitch marker and a beautiful button.

Couldn't help myself had to start knitting, needed a different brain space. Used two different samples. One from Celia's basket, a sample of her warmth10 (that little white cylinder in the middle of the shot), lovely and soft almost silky to the touch. Colourway "In the nude". The other a sample from a new fibre supplier Milk and Honey. Her shop doesn't open until February but I'll be checking it out. It's the one on the far right. Colourway "Cranberry Christmas".

Together they resulted in this gorgeous little hat.

Took it with me on Tuesday to show the girls at SnB and then later to show my sister. I don't have it anymore as it appears to have been acquired by my little sister for her impending baby!

Not sure what's next but Teresa was full of glee at the sight of the fleece, crowing about teaching me to spin :-)

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