Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Clearing the decks in December and a market round up

So with December beginning yesterday it is now Day 2 of Clearing the Decks in December. We had the lounge suite cleaned yesterday and the resulting disarray in our living space was amazing as furniture was all pulled out to allow access for the cleaner and then to allow for the furniture to dry out, so instead of clearing it was more like messing! Today things are much more under control. So this year's aim is to knock some knitting WIP's on the head, sort out the study which has only gotten worse over the last 6 months not better, relocate half of the contents of the laundry to the garage. With our youngest now toilet trained we no longer have need for multiple laundry buckets with lids for dealing with soiled nappies, also recent repair jobs have resulted in various items used by the handyperson not being returned to their rightful resting places but they have found interim resting places in the laundry! We need to make space for the (tiny) Christmas tree and presents, find a place for our Advent calendar to be set up and somewhere for the Advent drawers (a photo another time) to reside and all pretty much pronto!

Market day was Saturday and while it wasn't a huge success in terms of sales, it was in terms of exposure and feedback. Lots of people coming up to inspect the little cardi's and hats and socks and to ask questions. Lots of amazement about the bamboo yarn: "So soft", "almost silky", "So light", "Wow!", "Better than silk!" A few disappointed people "Do you have anything in a size 2?" unfortunately having to answer a "No" to that one, but after the third person asked I pursued it a little further and I now have an order for a size 2 cardi that isn't required until next Winter. Have been checking out the local stores for an appropriate yarn (lots of squishing of wool balls) and will be calling her shortly with a couple of options and prices before buying the yarn and getting started. The next Northside Market isn't until February so I might see about getting a few bigger items together before then. It all comes down to time.

Have school sports tomorrow night and then we are leaving for a weekend at the beach. My Dad's side do a Christmas bbq on the first Saturday in December and it's the uncle who lives at the beach who is hosting this year so we are pulling Hunter out of school on Friday and going swimming instead :-)

Lots of events stacking up in December so it is going to be busy. Hope we manage a break here and there to just sit and appreciate the passing of another year, this one ohhh sooooo much better healthwise both physically and mentally than last year. And to anticipate the new addition being provided courtesy of my youngest sister who is due to arrive on Australia Day!

Enjoy the month, let me know if you'll be clearing the decks and what it entails and hopefully there will be some more FO's before the year finishes!!


Emma said...

There's nothing quite like a good clean out, even if it creates more mess before it gets better.

It sounds like the market was a positive overall. I suspect with markets it's a 'getting your face seen' thing. Once people see you're a regular, they'll start seeking you out, if that makes sense.

Sarah said...

December seems to be more about adding clutter - in the form of lovely decorations of course ;o) -for me! Good luck with those decks

Lynne said...

Way too tired at this time of year for deck clearing!! Maybe, "one day" ... LOL