Monday, December 7, 2009

Busy, busy busy

Have had an eventful week really. Have managed a little knitting (more on that later), had a couple of major events and one semi majorish disaster.

So the major events were: our first school sports on Thursday night at which Hunter competed alongside the other preppies in their teams. Between them his team won 3 second places and he is very proud of his ribbons :-) Each team also sang a Christmas carol with actions and all. Not sure who won the night but I'm sure it will be in the newsletter!

The second major event was our annual Christmas party with my Dad's side. It occurs every year on the first Saturday of December. This year my Uncle who lives in Lake Tyers (Victorian south east coast just past Lakes Entrance) was hosting so we planned on going down to Mum's on Thursday night (2 hour trip) straight from school sports, followed Friday morning by the rest of the trip (2.5 hours). We had a cabin booked for the two nights and it was a much anticipated event by all. Especially as both Hunter and Jules had taken Friday off school and work.

And here we come to the semi majorish school sports Zac was showing his Dad how he can swing along the monkey bars when he lost his swing and dropped to the ground landing on his butt and catching his weight with his left hand. Now if he had been on the small kids set which he is quite adept at it wouldn't have been much of a problem but he was on the big kids set and the drop is longer. He has a supracondylar fracture of the humerus which for you and me translates as a break across the rounded head end of his upper arm bone but at the elbow end. We arrived at the Austin at 9 pm and left at 1.30am. The poor little thing was woken at least three times to have nasty painful things done to him (x-rays, plastering, more x-rays) but he has come through it all quite well. Apparently he has been really lucky with a very stable fracture no fragmenting or pieces out of place so we are thankful because otherwise he would have had to have it operated on. Last night we were back at the ER for another 2.5 hours because his skin didn't agree with the "mefix" tape and he had blisters under it so it had to come off and he had fresh plaster and bandages applied. Today we had an appointment(1.5hours) at the fracture clinic and they decided that it will be three weeks in plaster with his arm held so his left hand is pointing to his opposite shoulder. So that was another round of placement and plastering which took two plasterers and a lot of tape and a lot of yelling and squirming on his part to ensure he couldn't straighten the joint before the plaster sets properly (about 24 hours). So no swimming lesson for him this morning (last one), we dropped by to say goodbye and happy holidays to his swimming mates and teacher, and no swimming for the next three weeks. Which for any other kid wouldn't be a problem but for this kid is the difference between sleeping deeply enough so we don't have night time accidents in bed and sleeping lightly which almost always results in night wets. So we might have to see if we can find some other form of exercise for him which is as full on as swimming without there being danger of falling over because he only has one hand to catch himself with.....this may indeed be a challenge. He did enjoy himself at the beach this weekend with arm in sling and covered in a plastic bag so the plaster didn't get wet, so that's an upside I guess.

So with one thing and another I did manage some knitting over the weekend and while waiting at the hospital last night so I have almost finished a little hat. The order for a size 2 cardy has fallen through because of the cost, but I will endeavour to have a couple of size 1 and 2 things ready for the February market just in case people are tempted.

I am now completely exhausted and am facing at least two more loads of washing from the weekend away with a weather forecast which isn't brilliant. The next few weeks are very busy as well as it is that time of year. Not yet used my new lawn mower but really want to. I have one of these courtesy of my Qantas FF points. Sad really but I enjoy the immediate results of mowing. A sense of achievement in 30 minutes with results that speak for themselves, who could ask for more?

So there you have it, the last 4 days of my life in summary!!!


Rose Red said...

Oh dear - just the sort of major event you don't need! Hope the little fella is doing ok, I think an arm in plaster is a badge of honour/rite of passage for kids, so hopefully that's out of the way now and won't happen again!

geoff_tewierik said...

Broken arm in plaster??? What the? All I got for a broken arm was vinegar and brown paper.

Julie said...

Ask for a one-time referral to physical therapy. They know many fun tricks for keeping kids busy (and muscular) while one part of them is in plaster.

Hugs to the little guy, and I hope the three weeks go fast. What a bummer for him.

Lynne said...

Hope Zac's arm gets better soon. Glad to hear that you all were able to get away after all.

Kate said...

AARRGG! Poor Zac, and poor parents! Very lucky it didn't mess up the elbow - those are nasty. I hope the knitting was good.