Thursday, December 31, 2009

Best Wishes

Best Wishes to all out there for a Happy evening of celebrations and a wondrous New year to come.

We are busily putting everything away and making salads for a feast tonight with friends who are coming over to celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of another.

The clothes washing is almost done in the catchup since arriving home from the beach and I've now run out of washing powder so it has been added to the list of food and drinks Jules and the two big boys are out gathering. By the time the next load is done the previous one is dry as today's current temp is 36 deg (97F) and still climbing, which combined with the wind is resulting in miracle drying!

The top photo is our regular beach from this past week, it's the busiest we have ever seen it and are very glad we stay in walking distance as there was no space for cars on the access road! The bottom photo is of course all four of my boys doing what they do best at the beach which is try to keep the water at bay!! Zac was not hindered in the least by his cast as we had borrowed a special waterproof glove to go over it and his sling was quite cool. We came home on Tuesday night to attend his checkup on Wednesday and we are all very glad to say the plaster has been removed and our next beach holiday starting in 9 days time will see Zac well and truly in the water! No one is more happy about that than Zac :-) He will have trouble straightening it for quite a while due to the muscles needing to be stretched out but I will be consulting our local physio (my sister) to see how we can help him recover his stretch quickly.

Hoping everyone has a lovely evening and a peaceful year. Thank you for stopping by during the past year and leaving comments when you could. I love getting them and appreciate the time it takes you to stop and write them. I will try to do a photo round up of my year in knitting in the next day or so as so many others have been doing, for a year that started slowly on the knitting front I am surprised at how many finished projects (31) I have (I know lots are small....ssshhh!!) and can't wait to see them all in one place, so stay tuned!


Rose Red said...

The beach holiday looks great!

Hope you have a good night tonight and happy new year to you and yours!

2paw said...

Oh it is 36 here too, hotter in Hobart at 37 which is 18 above average. No beach here so we have all been in the paddle pool!!
Good news about the cast and have a wonderful time tonight. Happy New Year!!

Kate said...

Happy New Year's Eve!! We had a scorcher here - 38* the top today, which was a shock to the children and a reminder of why we were not sad to leave Riverina summers behind us...
I hope you have a lovely evening, and wake tomorrow to a glorious year of possibilities and infinite potential.

Anna said...

The beach looks wonderful! To go on our beach at the moment, we have to wrap up in all our woolies, so I'm very jealous! Happy New Year - I wish you all the best for 2010.

Lynne said...

Happy new year to your too!