Wednesday, December 9, 2009

5 things

I'm playing along with Pottymouthmama who has started a new meme. Boredom is indeed the place from which creativity springs.

The meme: 5 things you love/can't live without (in no particular order)

1/ Tea freshly brewed from tea leaves.

2/ Chocolate preferably from the fridge, sometimes from the freezer, never from the cupboard.

3/ Knitting: it calms my soul and makes me slow down a little inside my head....a bit Zen like.

4/ Swimming: never thought I'd say it but yep swimming....I go to another place. It rarely fails to calm me. The concentrating on the breathing and the counting of laps, it forces me to put everything else aside, because losing count is just soooo annoying, lol!!!

5/ My family: The boys and Jules. We have days when we drive each other insane but the world without them in it would be a dark place indeed.

So there you have it.

Let me know or Pottymouthmama and we'll come check out your list too!

P.S. For those enquiring about Zac's broken humerus (again not funny) he is not in pain any more and in fact has adapted so well that it takes people who are used to seeing him (friends/kinder teacher/childcare carer) a while before they realise he is in fact doing stuff one handed. Personally I really wish he'd stop pushing his luck and refrain from climbing up trees or hanging over 4 ft drops from his other hand. The running around is hard enough to watch. I think he's doing it just to do my head in. Not sure how I'm going to make it until the 30th when he gets the next set of x-rays done......hopefully he makes it without breaking his other arm!!


PottyMouthMama said...

I love your list, there are definitely a few crossovers that I think we share! Tea, yes please.

Lynne said...

Your list could easily be mine! Thanks for sharing.