Monday, November 16, 2009


It's been busy over here.

Crafternoon was not a rousing success, most people begged off with other commitments. Coming to that time of year really. Will try again next year after school starts and everything has settled.

Have finished the second of my mystery socks. I love them. Feel like a weight has been lifted have too many WIP's on the go, it's getting out of hand. They probably aren't even all over there in the sidebar. Keep starting little things and not listing them.

Have been working on the little cardy I am making with the Ixchel yarn, went to SnB at the Botanical gardens yesterday and took it with me. Jules took the big boys into the Children's Garden and down to the lake, Tyler slept in the pram beside me for a good two hours or more. Beautiful child!

Started a little scarf with the leftover orange Pear Tree yarn from an earlier cardigan. Doing the open tricot. It makes it all so light and airy.

Would provide you with photos of the socks and cardy, but the ice pack and anaesthetic cream hasn't really helped much with the pain in my poor toe. I was taking a bag of rubbish out to the rubbish bin for collection in the morning, but as I went to walk out the front door I managed to step on a bee. Not sure how since it was dark out, about 9pm, post swim but yes I was barefoot. No idea where the begger came from but I removed the stinger from the soft flesh on the underside of my toe and I did indeed say the f* word. May have said it a couple of times with extreme feeling even. Soooo not impressed. My toe is about twice the width of the one on the other foot, hopefully it will go down overnight. But in the meantime it would be a hobble.

So tonights photos are from earlier in the week when we had solar panels installed on the garage roof.


geoff_tewierik said...

How many killer wasps are in the panels?

2paw said...

Ouch, that sounds very painful. Hobbling is not good.
Things are very busy here: out , possibly, four nights in a row. Not sure I will be able to do it without giant afternoon naps, so I understand your crafternoon begger offerers.
Nice panels!!

CurlyPops said...

Ouchy! Your poor toe. Hope it gets better very soon

Lynne said...

Yee-ow! Hope your toe is feeling much better.

I'm sorry Crafternoon wasn't too successful - I would have liked to have been there! [but 1200km is a long way to travel for an afternoon's crafting!]