Wednesday, November 18, 2009

FO #27 and #28 and almost #29

That's right two finished projects and an almost completed one!!

Firstly here are the photos of the Through the Loops Mystery socks. I now have a pair and if it wasn't 31.4 deg outside and I didn't have an itchy foot from the silly bee sting I would sooooo be wearing them!

Secondly, I finally sewed in the ends of a washcloth I made from hemp twine a while ago so now it counts as finished!

Last one is a sneak peak at the little Ixchel cardy. It is completed in terms of the knitting. The ends are sewn in I just need to find some lovely buttons to complete it. I absolutely adore the way the centre fronts match in colour on the two side fronts. Pure fluke but totally gorgeous!

Have to decide what colour buttons to use....any suggestions??? Who knows what Lorraine will have at the store but she generally has something that is an excellent match.

The bee sting is still being annoying, itchy constantly despite the antihistamines.

The plumber was able to repair the damage to the tap out the front. We were lucky, the broken piece was above the main line so just removal of the broken bit and replacing it, no major works were required. Still cost $170 but at least we have the water back on and I can only image what a major repair would have cost!!


2paw said...

I think you need a button in ever colour. It looks like the band has some lovely pooling that would be great for different buttons!!
Nice socks. Too hot to wear my new socks too. Very sad. Glad you have water back on and that your bee sting is not too painful now.

Lynne said...

Ah, silver linings!! Yay!!

Anni said...

well done on the matching fronts on the cardi. Love the socks.