Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cooking (not with gas)

I live in Melbourne.

The top temperature for the past three days has been above 30 deg.

The forecast for toda
y was 34 deg and we are currently sitting at 35.7 deg (96 F). There's a weather station over the hill from our house, we know the numbers are pretty accurate to the temp outside our back door.

The next four da
ys are supposed to be 31 (88F), 29 (84F), 29, 35 (95F) followed by 27 on Sunday and a beautifull 23 deg on Monday.

Summer, well it doesn't start for another 22 da

I'm predicting at least one 40 deg (104F) da
y before we get to Christmas.

All I can sa
y is "Oh how I love my ducted evaporative air conditioner"!!!!!

Oh and the Crafternoon I am holding is on Saturda
y for the Mum's from school.....that's the 35 deg day. I figure I'll get more takers if they don't have cooling themselves so I'm putting a reminder out tomorrow :-)


2paw said...

Yes, I have total empathy with you: it's inordinately hot here too. Hope it cools down for your Crafternoon!!!

Lynne said...

I loooove those temperatures! Weird, ain't I?

Good luck on Saturday!!

PottyMouthMama said...

I am not loving the high temps. ERGH! I need to go live on that drifting ice block.

TinkingBell said...

Cool and rainy here today - but we have had a taste of what I predict will be a long hot summer. I love my cooler too - even if we use it more for heating than cooling!