Tuesday, November 3, 2009

And back again

So we have had a lovely three days at the beach with my now completely healthy family. 10 minutes walk max between the house and the beach, so we've done that trip twice a day each way except for today when we went to the park in the morning instead. Loaded up the pram with beach stuff and off we went. The kids love the beach and have such a great time there. We saw our particular beach on "Coxy's Big Break" on Saturday night. They were doing a special on the Mornington Peninsula and there was our beach at Point King complete with bathing boxes. We frequent the beach twice a year courtesy of Jules' parents who rent a holiday house nearby. It is a beautiful, protected and shallow beach where the kids feel safe and the waves are gentle, perfect.

While we were there I managed to finish reading the first of 8 books my Mum lent me to read at my Birthday. Called En Rue Tatin by Susan Loomis it was a lovely read and I am now looking forward to picking the next book off the stack. I used to be an avid reader who just read through books so quickly. Now with little hanger onners there isn't much time for books. They are tolerant of the knitting but apparently I tune them out too well when reading and it annoys them so they annoy me!

I also finished knitting the second of my Best Friend socks. Just need to sew in the ends and then I'll take some pictures. Started the second Mystery sock and have completed the cuff and am about to start on the leg. Will get to that some more this week. I think that one will move along quite quickly now as it is the only sock on the needles at the moment. No competition!

Tomorrow will be a bit mad with getting everyone out of the house to all of their respective destinations and then I have huge piles of clothes to organise as not only do I have washing to do, sort and put away but before we left I had to unearth all of the clothes in the next size up for both Hunter and Tyler and now I need to sort out and find all of the ones they have been wearing and get them stored away. The dining table is currently buried under at least three different sizes worth of clothes which all need to be relocated elsewhere so that we have somewhere other than the couch at which to eat!

It's now 11 days until I host my Crafternoon so I sort of have a deadline for not only the clothes but all of the other stuff that has crept out of its hiding places to be encouraged back to whichever nook or cranny they came from. In a house as small as this every scrap of spare space is in fact not spare at all and it all needs to be organised and cleaned pretty promptly. So that's what I'll be doing for the next week or so. Watch out spiders and webs here I come :-)

Oh and one other picture, I just have this thing for "tunnel like" pictures and thought I'd share the only one I had time to take this trip. It is a roofed section of the jetty at "our" beach and I just like the effect it makes looking through it's length at roof height.


TinkingBell said...

Lovely beach holiday - and the tunnel/jetty is so cool

I've been trying to keep up with all you Blogtoberists and haven't been as quick as I should be - glad you are all well - love the mystery sock

We are trying to clear decks too - but it will have to wait until after Fridays school fete - when my life will almost become my own again (sorta!)

Lynne said...

Welcome home - and what a busy time being home will be!

Kate said...

I have the Rue Tatin book, and the sequel too! I drooled over the desciptions and recipes, but I don't know how many I made... perhaps a summer holiday project?
There's another book in that vein, I think it's called "Dear Francesca", written by a Scottish Italian woman for her daughter. I actually had to stop reading that one because everytime I picked it up I ended up starvingly hungry and roaming the pantry shelves, no matter what time of day it was!!