Saturday, November 28, 2009

Market Day

I'm off to market today, maybe I'll see you there!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Market Preparation

I'm going to be at the Northside Makers Market this Saturday with all of my little items. I can't wait. In full preparation mode over here. Have some stuff that hasn't made it to the website yet that I will have with me. So if you are curious stop on by. I'll be under the Northside Makers banner sharing a space at the Collective table.

My preparations would be aided by being able to show the kids the backdoor and leaving them to their own devices but that is not my lot this week. We are having both of our side fences replaced and we are up to day 5 of not being able to let the kids loose. Three reasons really, lots of rusting nails on the fences that have been taken down but not yet removed, no fences and no gate to the front yard. If the kids were out they'd last all of two minutes and they'd be off! So no playing out the back unsupervised this week. We will be having to rake the whole yard down as well before they are allowed back out barefoot. Sooo don't want trips to ER with rusty nails in feet.

Have finished up a pair of socks using leftover yarn from the Ixchel cardy and they are very cute. Will take a photo before I go to market just in case someone can't resist them!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

New projects

Of course after finishing up a couple of projects it was time to start something new, or a couple of somethings really.

A small pair of socks with the left over Ixchel yarn.

A new design in a 4ply (fingering) bamboo yarn. Will play with it a little more before I reveal anything on that one.

And I'm also working on a small orange scarf in Tricot. Don't now if I've mentioned that one before.

All little projects that don't take up too much brain space.

Oh and Twist Collective has their "Winter" issue out, when I get a chance I'll have a peruse.....

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

FO #27 and #28 and almost #29

That's right two finished projects and an almost completed one!!

Firstly here are the photos of the Through the Loops Mystery socks. I now have a pair and if it wasn't 31.4 deg outside and I didn't have an itchy foot from the silly bee sting I would sooooo be wearing them!

Secondly, I finally sewed in the ends of a washcloth I made from hemp twine a while ago so now it counts as finished!

Last one is a sneak peak at the little Ixchel cardy. It is completed in terms of the knitting. The ends are sewn in I just need to find some lovely buttons to complete it. I absolutely adore the way the centre fronts match in colour on the two side fronts. Pure fluke but totally gorgeous!

Have to decide what colour buttons to use....any suggestions??? Who knows what Lorraine will have at the store but she generally has something that is an excellent match.

The bee sting is still being annoying, itchy constantly despite the antihistamines.

The plumber was able to repair the damage to the tap out the front. We were lucky, the broken piece was above the main line so just removal of the broken bit and replacing it, no major works were required. Still cost $170 but at least we have the water back on and I can only image what a major repair would have cost!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Not good

Just broke the outside tap at the front property line and have no water to the house until the plumber gets here sometime this arvo......Not Good. Managed to break it off at the point where it joins to the main line into the house. Nothing spectacular on my behalf, just knocked it, but it's so rusted it broke off at the base.

Monday, November 16, 2009


It's been busy over here.

Crafternoon was not a rousing success, most people begged off with other commitments. Coming to that time of year really. Will try again next year after school starts and everything has settled.

Have finished the second of my mystery socks. I love them. Feel like a weight has been lifted have too many WIP's on the go, it's getting out of hand. They probably aren't even all over there in the sidebar. Keep starting little things and not listing them.

Have been working on the little cardy I am making with the Ixchel yarn, went to SnB at the Botanical gardens yesterday and took it with me. Jules took the big boys into the Children's Garden and down to the lake, Tyler slept in the pram beside me for a good two hours or more. Beautiful child!

Started a little scarf with the leftover orange Pear Tree yarn from an earlier cardigan. Doing the open tricot. It makes it all so light and airy.

Would provide you with photos of the socks and cardy, but the ice pack and anaesthetic cream hasn't really helped much with the pain in my poor toe. I was taking a bag of rubbish out to the rubbish bin for collection in the morning, but as I went to walk out the front door I managed to step on a bee. Not sure how since it was dark out, about 9pm, post swim but yes I was barefoot. No idea where the begger came from but I removed the stinger from the soft flesh on the underside of my toe and I did indeed say the f* word. May have said it a couple of times with extreme feeling even. Soooo not impressed. My toe is about twice the width of the one on the other foot, hopefully it will go down overnight. But in the meantime it would be a hobble.

So tonights photos are from earlier in the week when we had solar panels installed on the garage roof.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cooking (not with gas)

I live in Melbourne.

The top temperature for the past three days has been above 30 deg.

The forecast for toda
y was 34 deg and we are currently sitting at 35.7 deg (96 F). There's a weather station over the hill from our house, we know the numbers are pretty accurate to the temp outside our back door.

The next four da
ys are supposed to be 31 (88F), 29 (84F), 29, 35 (95F) followed by 27 on Sunday and a beautifull 23 deg on Monday.

Summer, well it doesn't start for another 22 da

I'm predicting at least one 40 deg (104F) da
y before we get to Christmas.

All I can sa
y is "Oh how I love my ducted evaporative air conditioner"!!!!!

Oh and the Crafternoon I am holding is on Saturda
y for the Mum's from school.....that's the 35 deg day. I figure I'll get more takers if they don't have cooling themselves so I'm putting a reminder out tomorrow :-)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Shop Update

Have just added a few more items to the shop this afternoon. Still have more to add. Want to get them all up before the next Maker's market.

I'll be having some space on one of the tables to display my wares so people can check them out in person. So if there's anything you want, make sure you don't miss out, do your online purchasing prior to the 28th of November as I will be shutting the online shop down the night before, just in case.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

FO# 26 - Best Friend Socks

I finished sewing in the ends and took photos of the Best Friend Socks last night just in time for them to be gifted away to my swimming partner this morning.

Vital Stats: Patons Patonyle 4 ply, was looking for a Burgundy and this was the closest I could get on short notice from one of the local yarn stores.
Needles: 2.5mm knitpro circulars.
Pattern: Best Friend socks by Deby Lake, free pattern on Rav.
Thoughts: While doing the cables made these socks longer in terms of time to knit, the cables made for easy counting and matching when doing the second sock. They were finished over the weekend while we were away but I had forgotten to take a sewing needle with me so the ends weren't dealt with until late last night. This pattern makes a lovely thick sock and they will be tempting to make for myself at some point.

Best bit? They were declared "Cool" by both the recipient and her 4 year old daughter who also asked "How did she know you like red Mum?" The fact that we have known each other for 17 years, and were each others Bridesmaids might have a little to do with it!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

She has an American Friend...She Scores!

Ah yes, the joys of having an American friend whose husband works in the army. Free postage to American addresses counts because for the army they have a static address in the US that doesn't change and it just gets shipped courtesy of the army to wherever they are stationed, i.e. here in little old Australia (at least that's my understanding of it).

So what might I have gotten my hands on you ask? Technically there are two things and they are closely related.

I'll give you a clue.

Cakes can be made using one by itself or both of them together.

They both spin but they are not part or parts of spinning wheels.

They are both used to handle wool in some way.

One spins evenly and the other spins like a crazy person.

Give up???

I have a brand new swift and ball winder. All for less than $100, yay for the strength of the Aussie dollar! Special thanks go to the lovely Amy and her enabling!!

Here's my first cake, yarn cake that is! Had to redo it twice because I had help the first time winding it (thanks kids...all three of them) and the second I forgot to tension it properly so it was very squishy, third time lucky!! Have to try a couple more before I attempt the 1700m or so that is my very fine Habu, soooo don't want to mess that up!!

PS. If you need to borrow it, that's cool, just let me know!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

And back again

So we have had a lovely three days at the beach with my now completely healthy family. 10 minutes walk max between the house and the beach, so we've done that trip twice a day each way except for today when we went to the park in the morning instead. Loaded up the pram with beach stuff and off we went. The kids love the beach and have such a great time there. We saw our particular beach on "Coxy's Big Break" on Saturday night. They were doing a special on the Mornington Peninsula and there was our beach at Point King complete with bathing boxes. We frequent the beach twice a year courtesy of Jules' parents who rent a holiday house nearby. It is a beautiful, protected and shallow beach where the kids feel safe and the waves are gentle, perfect.

While we were there I managed to finish reading the first of 8 books my Mum lent me to read at my Birthday. Called En Rue Tatin by Susan Loomis it was a lovely read and I am now looking forward to picking the next book off the stack. I used to be an avid reader who just read through books so quickly. Now with little hanger onners there isn't much time for books. They are tolerant of the knitting but apparently I tune them out too well when reading and it annoys them so they annoy me!

I also finished knitting the second of my Best Friend socks. Just need to sew in the ends and then I'll take some pictures. Started the second Mystery sock and have completed the cuff and am about to start on the leg. Will get to that some more this week. I think that one will move along quite quickly now as it is the only sock on the needles at the moment. No competition!

Tomorrow will be a bit mad with getting everyone out of the house to all of their respective destinations and then I have huge piles of clothes to organise as not only do I have washing to do, sort and put away but before we left I had to unearth all of the clothes in the next size up for both Hunter and Tyler and now I need to sort out and find all of the ones they have been wearing and get them stored away. The dining table is currently buried under at least three different sizes worth of clothes which all need to be relocated elsewhere so that we have somewhere other than the couch at which to eat!

It's now 11 days until I host my Crafternoon so I sort of have a deadline for not only the clothes but all of the other stuff that has crept out of its hiding places to be encouraged back to whichever nook or cranny they came from. In a house as small as this every scrap of spare space is in fact not spare at all and it all needs to be organised and cleaned pretty promptly. So that's what I'll be doing for the next week or so. Watch out spiders and webs here I come :-)

Oh and one other picture, I just have this thing for "tunnel like" pictures and thought I'd share the only one I had time to take this trip. It is a roofed section of the jetty at "our" beach and I just like the effect it makes looking through it's length at roof height.