Thursday, October 8, 2009

Blogtoberfest day 8 - Planting

This morning we decided to do some planting. So we went to Bunnings and bought some seed raising mix and potting mix and some new gloves.

Once we were home again we put Tyler to bed and went outside to collect our things.

We needed soil, seeds, pots, water spray and our hands.

We planted lettuce, sunflowers and beans into pots.

We sowed carrot seeds into the vege plot. That black line is the seed raising mix on top so I have some hope of remembering where I planted them!

We watered the lettuce, sunflowers and carrots but not the beans because the packet said not to.

We moved the pots to the front entry way to make sure they don't get knocked over or poured out by helpful little hands!

And done. All to be repeated again after 3.30pm when Hunter comes home with his mate, sees what has happened and asks to do some themselves!


2paw said...

What fun!! I am waiting to plant some tomatoes in buckets but we have to wait till at least November because we are still having snow on the mountains!!

TinkingBell said...

Its always a lovely thing - to plant and plan ahead -a nd the kids love it - water and dirt - what's not to love?

Lynne said...

Glad you are having spring-like weather! I've been watching the news while away and Sydney has been cold, wet and miserable not to mention windy! Today is all of the above minus the wind!