Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Blogtoberfest day 6 - My Best Friend's Sock

I took the sock I've been knitting for my best friend with me to swimming on Saturday. I really didn't know if it would fit her and I was about at the point where I would need to do the heel. She has very small feet, but despite this the sock just felt too tight to me, so I got her to try it on. I figured she knew I was making them, and I didn't want to get them finished and then find they didn't fit so trying them on was the only way to know. They are a cuff down knit and I was knitting the small (56 st) size and it was so firm on her foot that they couldn't get to her heel, let alone past it. So they looked like this:

They've been frogged and I've started again but with the medium (64 st) size and the fabric just feels nicer. The extra stitches are going to make all the difference. I've been working on it pretty much monogamously since Saturday while I wait for the next clue in the Mystery sock knit-a-long which is released on Thursday. So as of this evening I'm about 4 pattern repeats (24 rows) from where I was before I frogged. It's a nice pattern, easy to remember after the first couple of rows and because it is cables and a variation on rib it will hug nicely to the foot despite being the bigger size, at least I hope so! The other bonus with frogging is my cables are so much prettier second time round :-)

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Lynne said...

Socks are a great knitting project but they can be tricky sometimes! Wait till you read my sock post later this week!!