Sunday, October 4, 2009

Blogtoberfest day 4 - Party day

Today dawned bright and a early, a little rainy and it cleared up well to a lovely day. Apparently I'm jibbed because my brithday is only 23 hours long today but hey it's been good so who cares! Breakfast in bed, Wii fit from the husband and kids, cup of tea and pancake in bed for breakfast and then up for the day to prepare for Tyler's party. I scored a couple of other presents during the day as well , excellent!

Lots of family and friends, great cake (went with simple due to time constraints):

a newly renovated vege patch (thanks Dad!):

and some happily playing kids at the end of the day after everyone had gone home:

Sausages in bread for dinner for the kids, not sure what we'll have just yet, enjoying a cup of tea and a sit down right now! So all in all a great day.

Tomorrow I'll revisit last years Birthday post and see how successful (or not) it has been!


Rose Red said...

Happy Birthday!!

CurlyPops said...

Happy Birthday Leonie - what a cute cake!

2paw said...

Happy Birthday, I think you need extra presents to balance out the lack of birthday hours!!!

Lynne said...

Happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! All the very best people are born in October! ;)

Georgie Love said...

Happy Birthday (I am late on these things as always), but that is a lovely cake!