Saturday, October 31, 2009

Blogtoberfest 31 - The Ultimate

Well it has been a busy month, fitting in a post a day on all but the 28th (I think!), but we're here now at the end of the month and we have survived!

Socktober summar
Finished the first of the best friend socks and am now working on the foot of the second sock. Not much chance it will get done b
y this evening but it will get done in the next few days as it will be gifted next Saturday and needs to be done by then.
Finished the first of the Through the Loops M
ystery socks for this year. I'm loving the pattern and the Needlefood yarn is so nice and soft it is making wonderful socks. Any wonder Jules is wearing his pair of socks made from this yarn all the time!
Didn't get to an
y other socks, but that's ok because the Southern Summer of Socks has been relaunched and I can just keep making more socks for that!

Life summar
The illness that beset our house this week seems to have passed, wonderful news as we ma
y be heading down the beach this evening for a couple of days. Thanks for all of the get well wishes.
Work has finished for me for another
year so I will be having kid free Wednesdays for the next two months and then one kid only for the month after that. Wonderful :-)

Working on a Clear the Decks in December plan. Have a lot to do but wonder just how much I will get done.
Need to put some more stock up in the shop this week. Have stuff ready to go it's just finding the time to get it happening.
Want to finish the other M
ystery sock and a couple of other works in progress so I can get started on some new stuff. I have all sorts of yummy yarns and they are begging to be knit.

So there you are. Blogtober ends. For other Participants see the list at Tinnie girl's blog.


Rose Red said...

Congratulations on getting to the end of blogtoberfest! I like the sound of the Clear the Decks December, I might have to institute that too!

Lynne said...

Looking forward to seeing the progress on Clear the Decks December!

Glad to hear everyone has returned to good health - hope you enjoy your time away.